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   Chapter 112 Demon!

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7259

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The man's hoarse voice came into Cindy's ear from the distance, leaving her a chill.

His voice was pleasant to hear, low and deep, but

"Yes, I won't leave!"

The thought of what he had done to her parents made her shiver with hatred.

'He is a devil!

A devil who has lied to me for more than twenty years!

No matter how many people he brought today and what he would do to me, I wouldn't compromise or be intimidated by his imposing manner.'

Under the bright crystal lamp, her little face became paler. Even her unconcerned movement would make the man who was standing in front of her shiver from the bottom of his heart.

His dark eyes softened and then closed again. His sexy Adam's apple wriggled a little, and at last a few words came out of his thin lips.

"Okay! Very well! "

His words puzzled Cindy. But soon, her face was full of shock and alienation.

Marcus didn't say a word. He raised his hand, and the bodyguard next to him handed the gun.

All of a sudden, the dark gunpoint turned around and pointed at Olivia not far away. Everyone had no time to react.

"Bang -"

"No --"

With a gunshot, coupled with a violent roar from Alex, the entire hall was instantly filled with the sound.

Olivia kept shivering until a long time passed.

She was held tightly in Alex's arms. It was not until she reacted that she looked at the man standing in her way with her lips trembling.

"Alex, how are you?"

Olivia had thought that the bullet had hit Alex.

A smile cracked Alex's lips when he saw she was worried about himself so much.

"Are you nervous about me?"

"Don't scare me. Are you okay? Let me have a look. "

Looking at the snicker on his handsome face, Olivia felt more worried instead. She forced his body back. She didn't breathe a sigh of relief until she was sure that there was no wound or bleeding.



It wasn't Olivia or Alex who was shot, but the butler.

The butler fell down to the ground, and blood flowed out of his knees. A small pool of blood was stained on the floor. Terror was written all over his face. Sweat was all over his forehead. He was afraid that the previous sho

us was not angry at all. Instead, he bent over, looked at her eyes with hatred, and even smiled slightly. "Are you tired? I will hold you. "

She still ignored him.

It was not until he lifted her up that she threw a punch at him. Her little hand was obviously suppressed.

The car was parked beside them and Maurice got out. When he opened the back door, Marcus carried her into the car.

As soon as they got into the car, they sat far away from each other.

Marcus asked as soon as he got in the car, ignoring her. "Have you brought everything with you?"

Maurice, who was driving the car, looked at them through the rearview mirror immediately after hearing his master's words. "Yes, master. We only wait for you and Miss Cindy. "

Cindy looked out of the window, and didn't know what they were talking about.

And she wouldn't ask Marcus!

Maurice looked at his master from the rearview mirror. His master's shirt was wrinkled because he had been looking for Miss Cindy all day.

Marcus was obsessively tidy. The clothes he wore like this should have been changed even in the middle of the routine. So everyone could imagine how much he cared about Miss Cindy.

Maurice glanced at Cindy again and sighed to himself.

He hoped that Miss Cindy could understand his master's kindness!

When he was thinking about it, he found their car was followed by a Porsche sports car.

Maurice was shocked to see the plate number.

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