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   Chapter 110 A Group of Terrifying Men In Black

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7146

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Cindy ran upstairs from downstairs and was about to go to Alex's bedroom. Mrs. Chen was so embarrassed that she went to pull her.

"Miss Cindy, slow down. This is Mr. Alex's bedroom. "

It was ok if she did not say it. As soon as she said it, Cindy immediately was distracted.

She just wanted to know what kind of woman could surpass Olivia in Alex's heart!

Curious and confused, Cindy approached Alex's bedroom step by step.

At the same time, the noise outside also distracted the attention of the two people in the room. Hearing Mrs. Chen calling Miss Cindy, Olivia was so excited that she pushed the man in front of her away.

Alex was also stunned for a moment, his eyebrows twitching.

He knew that if the two of them met, he was afraid that there would be no place for him. So he was not in a hurry to let them meet.

But he did not expect that Cindy would just go upstairs.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

The door of the room had already sounded, accompanied by the voice of Cindy.

"Alex, open the door. What kind of woman are you hiding inside? Alex! "

When Olivia heard Cindy's voice, she dressed faster.

"Alex, if you don't open the door, I will bump into the room!"

Alex couldn't stand the shouting outside. He cursed and put on a suit and trousers at will. Then he walked to the door reluctantly.

"Cindy, you are really a troublemaker!"

Alex opened the door. Before he finished speaking, Cindy pushed him away. Suddenly, a beautiful figure came into view.

When the white, flawless face looked at her in panic, her big eyes were still blinking. Both of them were stunned for a few seconds.


Cindy almost lost her mind. It took a long time for her to react and murmured.


As soon Olivia she opened her mouth, she was hit by a figure rushing from the door.

The two hugged each other tightly, and the tears at the bottom of their eyes could no longer be restrained, falling down drop by drop.

"You finally… come back! "

Cindy cried and chuckled again.

"You almost scared me to death, Cindy. Do you know how much I cried for you? Why don't you come back if

those and ate some, so she said that he would come back to eat with her tonight.

"Well, okay. I've had a glass of milk and I'm starving."

The two women kept talking hand in hand. Alex felt that his ears were almost cocooned by them, but this made him familiar and comfortable.

It had been many years since he felt this way. At that time, they were hanging out with each other every day. Cindy and Olivia were talking and laughing. Then he and Marcus were beside them, saying that the women were troublesome.

At that time, they all liked to laugh. Cindy laughed heartlessly, while Olivia was shy and gentle.

In his memory, the smile of Olivia gradually overlapped with that of her at this time. Alex was in a trance.

"Let's go down."

Cindy held the hand of Olivia, and they seemed to have endless words to say.

Just as they were slowly coming down the stairs in a good atmosphere, suddenly, the steward ran in from outside in a hurry.

Looking at the frightened look on the steward's face, and hearing his intermittent words, Cindy and others frowned slightly.

"Outside, outside..."

"What are you panicking about? If you have something to say, tell me. What's wrong outside?"

Alex shouted with his eyes wide open.

The steward quickly swallowed, and his body began to tremble.

"Outside, a group of people suddenly came. They are all in black. Their appearances are … They are scary... "

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