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   Chapter 106 Truth

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Said Cindy. Her eyes squinted and then enlarged.

"He is still alive!" Abbie said for confirmation.

Nicolas was badly injured at that time. Although she saved his life, he had become a sworn enemy of Marcus. If he knew that Nicolas was alive, he would definitely not let him go, so Abbie gave out false news that he was dead.

There were still some doubts in Cindy's eyes. A relieved smile slowly appeared on her face when Abbie firmly nodded her head.

'Fortunately, that person did not die!' The last thing she wanted to happen was to let someone die because of her!

"How is he now?" She whispered around Abbie's ear.

"He was badly injured and just settled down yesterday. By the way, I have to send him off by plane today. Otherwise Marcus won't let him go! "

"Abbie, I want to see him and say thanks to him in person!"

Although he worked for her brother, it was not easy for ordinary people to sacrifice his own life for her. She had to thank him in person no matter what. And she didn't know when they could meet again.

This relation was not about love, but it would also make her remember it.

Hearing what she said, Abbie felt a little embarrassed. "What?"

"Abbie, help me!"

"But if Marcus knows that he is still alive, then..." Abbie asked. That was what she worried most.

"I can go under the pretext of worshiping him. He has promised me! "

"Okay! I'll arrange it! But Cindy... "

Abbie wanted to speak but stopped on a second thought.

"What's wrong?"

"I want to say, don't think Marcus is so easy to deal with! Where is your phone? "

"It's It has been thrown away by Marcus! " Every time she thought of the bad behavior of that man, she would gnash her teeth with hatred.

"No! He must have your phone! Hugh just called and said this. And this one Cindy, he said this is what you want. Take a look first! "

Then Abbie took out her phone quickly and opened a folder. When she was out of sight, she handed the phone to Cindy.

After a short trance, Cindy held the phone in her hand and slowly looked at the screen. He

arm to walk past Emma after simple greetings.

Emma squinted at her. 'Is that all?'

She was still very angry!

"Sis, are you running away?"

She yelled while staring at the back of Cindy. Suddenly, she frowned and felt something wrong.

Besides, it was unusual of Cindy to behave like this. She didn't say a word and even didn't raise her head! It has never happened.

The next second, Emma suddenly raised her feet and caught up with Abbie and Cindy in a few steps.


Emma snorted and pressed down her eyes, staring at the woman in front of her. Others might not know Cindy well, but she knew!

"Who are you? You are not Cindy! "

When Emma was about to knock down the girl's hat, a strange face came into view.

The bodyguards of Marcus were all shocked when they heard this. They followed them so closely, but they didn't find out that Cindy was stealthily swapped. How should they explain to their master now?

"Oh, no, it's not good. Cindy has escaped!"

The first thought sprung into Emma's mind was that she told Cindy that she was just a tool used by Marcus to take control of Andy. 'Did she escape because of that?


I'll tell Marcus right now!'

"Marcus, it was Abbie who let Cindy run away!"

Emma couldn't think of anything else but grabbed a man's cell phone and dialed Marcus's number, because Marcus wouldn't answer her phone.

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