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   Chapter 104 Taking Advantage Of Each Other

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"My father and I are not allowed to enter the house of the Huo Family for so many years! The directors of the Huo Group wouldn't look at me with hostility! Do you think they will only be relieved if all of us die? "

"Don't say that. I know Marcus's father sent someone to take care of your father? He also supported you to study abroad. "

Hearing that, the man showed a cold smile.

"Aha Look after him? I think it is more proper to call it surveillance! Besides, he dares not to give us a hard time. Otherwise, he will be blamed for abandoning him. "

Hearing this, Cindy's face turned pale. It was hard to say what happened in the rich families. It was impossible not to do something by hook or by crook. After all, he wanted that position!

Cindy thought that she had better not talk about it.

"Cindy, you were spoiled by a lot of people since you were born. You can't understand what I'm thinking. His little kindness is like charity, and we live on him like a beggar without dignity! No aim, no ambition! And there is no hope either! "

There was a hint of sadness in his expression.

When Cindy looked at him, her eyes became a little dimmer. Indeed, she was born with the privilege of being loved. However The daughter of a normal family would not be in a situation like her!

Her parents were killed, and her beloved one pushed her to death personally!

It was a good time of youth, but she was upset every day because of hatred.

"Are you here, Carlos? I'm looking for you! "

Not far away, an amiable female voice sounded behind them.

When Cindy turned around, she saw Miranda.

Miranda also saw Cindy and greeted her with waving hands. "Cindy, it rained so heavily. Why did you come out? Come here with Carlos! "

With one hand supporting the umbrella, Carlos held her arm with the other.

They then continued to walk carefully towards the corridor.

"Nice to meet you, Aunt Miranda. "

Carlos greeted her politely.

"Well, it's a pity that a dead man can't be revived! We've taken care of your father's fun

nicked. Subconsciously, she raised her hand and attacked Cindy's wounded arm.

She didn't believe that this injured woman could do anything to her!

However, her hand was grabbed tightly in the air.

"Emma, how dare you! How dare you beat Cindy in public! I will break your hand now! "

Emma stared at Bob angrily. 'How could it be coincidence to meet him here?'

"Bob! She is Marcus's woman. Why are you still protecting her? You don't care about it at all? "

Bob laughed out in anger. "No matter what she will become, whoever she will be, she is my family, my friend! So don't worry about it! As for you, huh, you even dream of marrying Marcus. It's impossible in the rest of your life! "

After saying that, Bob threw her hand away fiercely. Emma could not stand steadily and almost fell down.

She clenched her teeth and glared at the two people in front of her. Now she could only keep silent. But she wouldn't take the loss for a long time! Those who opposed Cindy would stand out soon. Even if Marcus wanted to protect her, he wouldn't be able to! Humph!

With the lunch box in her hand, Emma walked into the building with her head raised and her chest out, showing contempt. 'Miranda, Cindy and Bob, they will be nothing! As long as I got that position, I would definitely make them pay!'

At the thought of this, she smiled wickedly again!

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