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   Chapter 102 The Shameless Man

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6413

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It was none other than Hugh.

Then Cindy turned to look at the man beside her. He was in deep sleep with no sign of waking up.

Hugh seldom called her at this time unless there was something special.

She pressed her lips and muted the phone. Then she stood up carefully and slowly removed the hand around her waist.

She got out of bed quietly and headed to the bathroom, grasping her phone tightly.

When the door of the bathroom was closed, the man sleeping in bed suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at the closed door for a long time and his black eyes were full of ice.

She picked up the phone against the wall.

The man on the other end of the line said in an evil yet anxious voice.

The voice was complicated, seeming very resentful and worried. She had never heard him speak in such a tone before.

"Do you really want me to go to the Southern City to worship you in person?"

Cindy rolled her eyes and said in a low voice.

"Can't you say something nice? I have a narrow escape from death anyway, okay? "

"Bitch! You are heartless! You can piss me off! What have you learned in the five years when you were with me? Where's your gun? Why not bring it? Were you so obsessed with that man that you almost forgot everything? You're so stupid to fall into other's trap so easily! "

His loud voice hurt her. She tried to put her phone away, but she was afraid that his louder and louder voice might wake Marcus up.

"I didn't expect this. It's just a matter of sending documents. "

She didn't expect Tom to set such a trap, in which he could get so many people from the Huo Family to follow his orders.

"Are you out of your mind? Do you think all those people there are trying their best to keep you alive like Marcus? "

Suddenly, the man stopped speaking. Realizing that he had said something that he shouldn't have said, he suddenly became quiet.

However, Cindy did hear th

tightly. She could never give it to him!

"Cindy, I say it again! Give me your phone! "

The man said while approaching her step by step.

"No way!" Cindy shook her head and stepped back.

"Oh, really? If you say so. "

A bad smile appeared on the man's black eyes, which made Cindy a little confused. Until he showed his mobile phone in front of her, her little face turned red and at last turned brown.

"Marcus Huo..."

"Cindy, how about making an exchange?" He narrowed his eyes with a complicated feeling hidden in his handsome face.

He almost fooled Cindy!

She bit her lower lip hard. "Shame on you!"

"What? Huh Cindy, don't say that. At least I haven't released it yet, right? "

No matter how clever and cunning the little sheep was, it couldn't defeat the big bad wolf. With a deep smile, he continued, "give me your mobile phone. I give you my mobile phone. Then you can delete these photos!"

It was a dilemma for Cindy. If she didn't give the phone to him, he might sent out the pictures of her.

'He is a bastard.' She had no idea when he had taken those pictures. Every picture of her made her face turn red and her heart beat fast. She even doubted whether it was her!

But if she gave him her phone, what if Hugh sent her a message…

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