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   Chapter 101 A Scar On His Back

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6294

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"Are you ready, Cindy? I can only give you five seconds. One, two... "

In the bathroom, Marcus was counting down.

Hesitating on the bedside, Cindy was flustered. She gritted her teeth and finally ran over.

When she pushed the bathroom door open and walked in, the man counted down to five.

Cindy blushed when she saw the thick fog.

Maurice told her that there was a gun shot on the back of Marcus, because he fought against a bullet for her when they were at the building. Moreover, Auntie Miranda has repeatedly told her to take care of him. Therefore, she had to meet his request.

More importantly, he had promised if she could help him bathe, he would allow her to go overseas to worship!

She had to go in for the sake of Nicolas.

Although they were in the hospital, the bathroom here was huge.

But Cindy didn't find the man in the bathtub when she stepped forward.

"I'm coming..."

The marble floor of the car made her seem a little ashamed and angry when she said that reluctantly.

The next second, the man's slender and solid legs appeared in front of her.

Cindy was shocked and tried to move backward. However, he reached out and drew her close with one hand on her waist. Hot breath spread around her, "Cindy, my good girl!"

"Let go of Let me go! Isn't it supposed to take a shower? Are you going to take a shower or not? "

Her face was full of anger and embarrassment, trying to avoid his burning sight.

"Of course, it's rare for Cindy to be so active!"

Marcus got closer to Cindy and said in a rascal tone.

The man's words made Cindy speechless. 'That's because you threatened me!'

"Do you really agree to let me go after taking a bath?"

"Who said that? But don't you want to go to worship someone? If you don't come, I won't let you go! "


Her almond eyes became bigger due to her anger, which looked mor

happen. So when the tall figure approached her again, she tried her best to resist.

"Cindy, it seems that you don't want to worship that man."

Marcus knew how evil the method he had adopted was, but he was never a noble man, let alone that she wanted to run away from him so badly!

The last few words were coming out of the clenched teeth when he looked at his abstruse eyes.

"You must keep your words!"

She did not forget to remind him at the last moment.

A few strands of Marcus's black hair hanged down. He had a straight and charming nose. A cold smile appeared on his face.

"Cindy, it depends on your performance..."

She could do this for that inconspicuous man! This made his tone extremely cold.

In the air, the sound of clothes being ripen could be heard. With her eyes wide open, Cindy stared at the blood stains faintly coming out from the man's arms. She even forgot to struggle.

Everything was dominated by the black. The people in the ward were like floating in the deep sea. They didn't calm down until a long time later.

When the familiar ringtone sounded, Cindy opened her eyes and looked for it.

She felt ache all over her body and was about to turn off the phone, but the caller ID made her hesitate.

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