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   Chapter 100 The Cruel Emma

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Hearing what Miranda said, Cindy finally understood that she gave vent to her anger on Emma.

But she had no appetite when she saw Emma.

"Don't bother. Auntie Miranda, I don't want to eat anything. "

"No, you have to eat something. You are now weak. You should really eat well. Be good! "

With that, Miranda looked at Emma again with her sharp eyes, restrained her previous loving lips.

"Don't you know how to cook? Then go back and make some delicious dishes for your sister. "

Emma bit her lips. In front of them, she became an idiot.

"Aunt Miranda, Cindy didn't tell me what she want to eat. What should I do when I go back? "

The corners of Emma's mouth were stiff. Fortunately, Cindy said she had nothing to eat, which became her reason.

"So don't you cook? Do whatever you can until Cindy is satisfied! "


Clenching her fists, Emma realized that Miranda deliberately made fun of her!

"I, I also prepared meals for Marcus. He is injured now. I'd better take care of him before going back! "

"No, I can do it myself!"

Marcus's words blocked the way of Emma to explain. She stiffened and clenched her teeth.

"Okay, Aunt Miranda. I'll go back first."

Emma cast a sharp glance at Cindy. 'Now that you want to have dinner! Well, I promise you that you will never forget it!'

Cruelty flashed across her face. After saying that, she turned and walked towards the door of the ward.


Miranda said. "Please cook more. I'll eat with Cindy."

"Okay, I know!"

Emma's voice was trembling. 'Does she know what I thought?' The ferocious look in her eyes was covered. She merely responded, and did not turn around.

When she opened the door of the ward, she felt more suffocated.

Now, not only Cindy, but also Miranda came back!

These two women were against her! She would find a way to give them a hard time!

After walking to a remote place, Emma took out her mobile phone and dialed a number.

"Tom, why don't you tell me that Marcus's mother is back?"

If she had known it, she would not have come at this time, let alone made herself so embarrassed.

Tom seemed to have no response at all. "Is Mrs. Miranda back? "

Hearing his

he porridge was finished, Miranda put down the bowl.

"That's enough. You can clean up the mess. You have nothing to do here. Go back now!" Miranda put the bowl down and said coldly.

When Emma saw Cindy finished the porridge, she became excited. No matter how sarcastic Miranda was, she just turned a deaf ear to it.

Anyway, these two people would be killed by her sooner or later!

"Well, Aunt Miranda, sister, I'll go back first."

After tidying up the mess, Emma took the meal box, hopping out of the room.

A flicker of doubt flashed through Miranda's eyes.

"Cindy, the porridge I just tasted is OK, but I'm afraid that she will do something harmful to you in the future. If she comes again, you must let others have a taste first. "

Miranda's concern rose.

"Don't worry, Auntie Miranda. She is not so foolish as to poison me with the food. If there is something wrong with me, do you know that it was done by her? "

Miranda thought that was right. But she still couldn't calm herself down.

"Auntie Miranda, are you very tired? Come to see me after you get off the plane. You should go back early and have a rest!"

Seeing her anxious look, Cindy couldn't help comforting her.

"Okay, then I'll go back first. Take good care of yourself. And Marcus was seriously injured. He is my son. Please forgive him, honey. "

"I know, Auntie Miranda."

Cindy nodded. However, the more tolerant she was, the more outrageous the man became.

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