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   Chapter 99 Free Maid

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"Yes, he is waiting for your punishment."

Maurice said, looking at Marcus.

A light flashed through his eyes.

"Disable him and let him stay at home and meditate. As for others Kill them all! "

Hearing his son's treatment, Miranda nodded and then looked at Cindy as she explained to her.

"Cindy, we have no choice. After all, Tom's father was shot for Marcus's father. We can't kill him this time. "

The corners of Cindy's mouth twitched slightly. As expected, she did not guess wrong. After that, when she recalled the whole process, she thought it was Tom. Otherwise, it could not be so coincident that she ran into him and He had never been so nice to her, not to mention picking up documents!

"Cindy, you also know that it's not up to Marcus to choose what he wants to do to bring the Huo Family to peace! He has to take care of the overall situation and can't do whatever he wants. Besides, a lot of things are involved... "

Before she could finish her sentence, her hand was grasped by Cindy. "I understand, Auntie Miranda!"

She knew that if Tom was killed, the Huo Family members would accuse Marcus of being ungrateful. Being the host of the Huo Family needed support from others.

"My dear daughter, you have suffered from injustice." Miranda gave a loving look to the little face of Cindy. Since she had only one biological son, she had always treated her as her biological daughter, and, of course, her daughter-in-law afterwards.

Although the Huo Family and the Luo Family were incompatible, she couldn't change anything from her love for this child.

"That's OK. Auntie Miranda, I don't feel aggrieved. "

Though it was her duty to avenge her parents' death, she was unable to be frank with Miranda.

"Auntie Miranda, where have you been? Abroad? "

She casually shifted the topic. She didn't want to continue the conversation.

"Yes. We have traveled all over Europe for several years. I wouldn't have come back if I didn't know that you are still alive,"

Miranda was telling the truth. Indeed, after Cindy was missing, she was very heartbroken at that time.

So she was a little afraid of staying in the Southern City, which would remind her of Cindy. On the other hand, Emma was really annoying, so she didn't want to come back.

"Then what about father? What's wrong with him? "

Normally, the couple lived together.

looks good."

"Really? Aunt, please have a taste first! "

Emma saw this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and she hurriedly handed the chopsticks in her hand to Miranda and said eagerly.

She just wanted this woman to know that she was much better than Cindy.

To Cindy's surprise, Miranda took the chopsticks and had a bite. Then, she took another bite for Cindy. "Cindy, how about having a taste?"

Although Cindy didn't want to eat the food cooked by Emma, she couldn't refuse Miranda when she fed her. After barely taking one bite, Miranda picked up more for Cindy. But she said.

"Auntie Miranda, I haven't recovered yet. I can't eat this. Please eat with Marcus!"

She really didn't want to have such a meal.

A tinge of coldness flashed across Miranda's eyes.

"Emma, what are you cooking for? Why did Cindy say she can't eat? "


Emma was frightened by Miranda's coldness. 'Does this woman change her attitude too soon? Besides, it's none of my business whether Cindy wants to eat or not?'

Although she was unhappy, she didn't dare to say anything but tried to smile.

"Aunt Miranda, I made it specially. Maybe it is because my sister doesn't feel well that she doesn't want to eat. You have ate it too. I made it well. "

With a snort, Miranda said, "Now that you did this for our patients, you should make sure that they have the appetite. Cindy, what would you like to eat? Please tell me, if you want to eat something, then I'll ask Emma to do it again! "

Emma felt stunned immediately.

'Does she really regard me as a free maid?'

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