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   Chapter 98 Tear Of Love

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The door of the ward was pushed open, and a middle-aged woman suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

Although she looked very anxious, she behaved like a decent lady.

When Cindy saw her, a lump came into her throat and she almost cried out.

But also because of Marcus's current state, she felt sorry for that woman.

"Auntie Miranda!"

It was none other than Marcus's biological mother. She was also the woman who loved Cindy most, except her own biological mother, in this world.

Cindy tried to get up with her injured arm.

"Cindy, don't move!"

Seeing her moves, Miranda Shu rushed to her and pulled her into her arms.

"Thank God! You are still alive! Come on, let me have a look at you. "

With tears in her eyes, Mrs. Miranda didn't see her son being rescued and bandaged the moment she stepped in the ward. She looked carefully up and down at Cindy, and finally burst into tears when she saw her thin face.

"Cindy, my poor girl. Where the hell have you been in these years? You make me Let me How can I explain this to your mother? "

Miranda reached out her hand and touched Cindy's little face. Miranda looked her up and down, as if she would never see her again.

"Auntie Miranda, I'm fine. I have come back safely. Don't cry, okay? "

Seeing the tears on her face, Cindy was unable to hold them back any more. While speaking, she raised her hand to wipe the tears on her face.

"Well Look at you, you are thinner. I have to give you a good nutrition after going back home. How much hardship do you have to suffer alone outside all these years? Why don't you come back early? Even if you don't come back, you have to send me a letter or something. You don't know how much I've been thinking over the years... "

Miranda said in a choked voice. She held Cindy tighter in her arms.

Cindy knew that she loved her so much that she even paid more attention to her than to Marcus.

But now, Miranda was pressing her hand against Cindy's wound. It hurts so much that she furrowed her brows. Then she squatted down before she could draw her ha

uld shed two tears for love; one is the man she loves most, and the other is the man who loves her most!"

As for her, she was a lucky woman!

Because the two drops of tears were shed just for the same man, the one she loved and the one she loved most

Seeing the gift, Cindy was at a loss.

"Mother, it's best to give such a gift to the one you love! You should give it to your husband. "

"I only bid for the necklace for you. Put it away. I wonder who will send the ring to you in the future. Everything is ready? Be good! If you don't take it, I won't be happy! I flied so far away from Europe to meet you. "

Miranda said with tongue in cheek. While urging Cindy to take the necklace, she couldn't help glancing at her son lying on the sickbed. She curled her lips. She knew that he had already bought the ring!

Although Marcus only glanced at his mother, he gave his mother a meaningful look.

The doctor and nurses helped him to bind up his wounds and then left the ward. Marcus turned to look at Maurice.

"Have you found it out? Who did this? "

"Yes, master. It turned out that Tom changed the address and sent it to Miss Cindy. He also asked some people to spread the rumor that Miss Cindy stole the document! "

With a frown, Miranda acted like the Huo Family's hostess and cast a stern glance at Maurice.

"It's him! Where is he? Is he still alive? "

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