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   Chapter 97 What Should I Do Just Love You

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6228

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Cindy's hand trembled and the knife in her hand slipped.

Her face was pale and she looked right into his dark and brown eyes. Especially when she saw the smile in his eyes, that aggressive look made her heart more and more confused.

He was such a cruel man! He even killed an innocent person!

And her parents…

She really wanted to give him what he wanted.

"Then tell me the truth about the death of my parents..."

She wanted to ask if it was you!

Just like what Emma said, there couldn't be such a coincidence in the world. She guessed in her heart whether it could be him!

Because now he was really like a demon.

But what she waited was only a man's smile, not an answer.

Cindy's heart ached as she looked at him.

"Don't push me, Marcus!"

She raised the knife in her hand, and her almond eyes suddenly became cold. Even the warmth in the room disappeared.

"Aha Cindy, since you have made up your mind, why not do it? Oh? Are you unwilling to kill me? "

Finally, he opened his mouth, but what he said made Cindy clench the knife more tightly, and her throat slid up and down involuntarily.

Looking at his scarlet smile, she stared at him.

"You tell me, or not?" She had been pushing it to the limit.

Marcus looked at her, but still had no intention to explain anything. The wound that had been torn because of the emotional fluctuation had already faintly bled, but he suppressed all this and his voice was slightly heavy.

"Cindy, I have nothing to say! But if you really feel angry and even want to kill me, then... "

As he spoke, he jerked forward.

In panic, Cindy waved her hands

Blood gushed out from the blade.


She screamed. The dazzling red dazzled her eyes. The blood came out of her arm was like the water that had been opened a gate, continuously flowing out, splashing on her hands

was shocked.


He rushed over and pressed the emergency bell at the bedside. Then he was going to help Marcus.

However When his hand was about to touch Marcus, it suddenly stopped.

Seeing that he did not respond for a long time, Cindy became worried.

"What's wrong with you, Maurice?"

The scene brought a shiver down Cindy's spine.

'Come on! He is still grabbing my skirt.'

She tried to get rid of him, but the man's hand seemed to be fixed on her. She couldn't get rid of his hand no matter how hard she tried.

There was no other way

The piece of cloth was ripped off with a hiss.

The doctor in charge came here with nurses. Seeing this, they didn't know what to say.

'I had told him to pay attention to his wound, but still

And he, from the moment she entered the operating room till now, is almost always there. I didn't expect that just when she just woke up, they would quarrel like this.


What an enemy!'

The doctor sighed.

While the doctors and nurses were skillfully binding up Marcus's wounds, although she looked calm, she was actually in a state of shock. Suddenly, she heard a rush of footsteps from outside the ward, followed by a familiar yet distant female voice.

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