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   Chapter 95 Marcus Huo, Go To Hell!

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6323

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Silence returned in the building. At this time, the two sides did not dare to act wildly. But they were still vigilant and were holding their guns against each other, ready to fight.

Marcus frowned and looked angry. He lifted his long legs and walked towards Cindy.

Seeing him walking towards their mistress, the members of the Luo Family pointed their guns at him, and so did the Huo Family.

His steps were extraordinarily loud and trembling in the quiet air. Step by step, he finally stopped in front of her.

Then, he gave her a deep look, with a sudden change from gentleness to fierceness in his eyes.

As soon as he lifted his hand and carried Nicolas, he threw him far away to the corner as if he was throwing garbage.

A thud came along with a cry of pain in Nicolas's mouth. So did Cindy. "Nicolas!"

Cindy was about to help him, but Marcus grabbed her arm tightly.

Marcus was even angrier. He grabbed her wrist with more strength.

"No way! Come with me! "

Fortunately, Abbie had helped Nicolas up. However, before he could stand firm, he rushed over to hold the other hand of Cindy.

There was no fear in Nicolas's eyes. He just said it with all his strength, meeting Marcus's eyes.

"No way! She is from the Luo Family. She can't go with you! "

Upon hearing this, the Huo Family members started to fight back.

But to his surprise, someone shot him and Cindy. That bullet flew straight towards them!

"Cindy, watch out!"

Marcus threw Cindy to the ground, but his back was hit by a bullet. Instantaneously, the gunfire more quickly sounded above their head.

"Stop it! All of you!"

Marcus gave an order immediately. Then Abbie retreated to the side of the Luo Family's residence, telling them to stop shooting.

Although Marcus had started the fight, the Huo Family didn't stop. It seemed that they were going to kill them!

Marcus frowne

As Cindy raised her hand, her pretty face was as cold as ice. Without a moment's hesitation, she shot at the man who had stopped her.

However, even though he had missed the target, he still didn't give up trying to pull her.

"Cindy, do you really want to see them die here?"

Abbie said loudly in the crowd. At the same time, she shot towards the air.

"Stop it! This is the spear of Andy. You know the rule. Do you want to disobey his order? "

Abbie's overbearing manner shocked all the male members of the Luo Family, who finally dared not cross the line again.

Hearing what she had said, and looking at the unconscious Nicolas on the ground, Cindy bit her lower lip hard.

Her body was held in his arms again by Marcus. But this time, she didn't struggle anymore because she didn't want them to get hurt.

The man said coldly. "Let's go!"

Maurice then led people out of the building.

Nicolas gasped, spitting out blood. "Miss Abbie, don't let Marcus take Miss Cindy away!"

Abbie said, holding his wrist. "Don't forget why she stayed with Marcus. If she doesn't find out the truth, she won't leave. Stop talking. You are seriously injured! "

Comforting Nicolas, she looked at the injured man holding Cindy with mixed feelings.

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