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   Chapter 93 Want To Kill Her

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7221

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"Miss Cindy, here is an important document. The boss wants you to send it to him right now! And this is the address. "

Someone rushed to the office and handed a document to her.


She took the file and walked out with her bag.

But when she was about to reach the elevator, a figure suddenly flashed through the stairwell. Her shoulder was hit, and the documents in her hands were scattered on the ground.

The man standing in front of her turned out to be Tom!

This man really had a grudge against her!

"Tom, even if you want to deal with me, you don't have to go against the file! Your master asked me to bring them here. "

Surprisingly, this time, the man didn't respond. Instead, he even helped her pick up the documents.

"Here you are. Hurry up and send it to the master. "

Standing still in a daze, Cindy looked at the back of Tom who was leaving. 'He didn't hate her, did he?'

The door of the elevator opened. She stepped in without thinking.

Following the address given by her colleague, she soon took a taxi to the place.

This was also an office building. She paid the driver and quickly entered the building with the contract.

She didn't know why, but she felt the atmosphere was a little weird since she stepped in. She always felt that someone was staring at her.

Suddenly, a thought came to Cindy's mind. The feeling was getting stronger as she went deeper and deeper into the building.

"Stop! Hand over the documents! "

A sudden voice startled her. When she turned around, a group of people had already appeared behind her.

All of them looked sinister and evil. They were obviously hostile.

'But I don't think it's a big deal. Some robbers want to rob the documents?'

At the same time, the door beside her was opened all of a sudden.

"Miss Cindy, give me that!"

Hearing that, Cindy was a little surprised. She didn't expect that these men were under her brother!

She ran out of the hospital and met them the other day. She didn't know her brother was all right until they told her about it.

But Marcus's shot was real!

That man shot at her brother, and then her brother fel

t believe her, she opened the document.

"Look at this. It's just an ordinary contract. Someone is trying to stir up trouble between the Luo Family and the Huo Family. What's your name?"

"I'm Nicolas!"

"All right, Nicolas. Tell other guys that we're fooled. Ask them to stop fighting and leave. You're not their opponents now. Don't lose your lives!"

Nicolas shook his head as he looked back at them.

"Miss Cindy, I'm afraid it won't stop at all! Even if we stop there, the people over there will not hurt or kill us. "

Clenching her fists, Cindy advised, "Go back. Call Marcus and tell him what's going on here."

"Miss Cindy, you tell me to call Marcus? He wants us to die! "

Nicolas lost his temper uncontrollably. How could they beg that man for mercy!

"Then call Abbie! Hurry up! "

Cindy couldn't talk too much with him. She could tell from Marcus's words that he didn't want the conflict between the two families to get worse.

"Okay!" Hearing that, Nicolas felt delighted.

Cindy hoped that Abbie could understand what she meant!

The only person who could stop the fire was Marcus. She hoped Abbie could contact him.

The Huo Family proceeded even harder. They gathered all their strength to attack Cindy, leaving the rest of the Luo Family behind.

With a cold face, Cindy looked at the men who were running towards her. She bit her red lips and thought that they were going to kill her today!

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