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   Chapter 89 It's Tiring To Look Up To Someone!

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Outside the window, the sunlight came in through the curtain. On the king size bed, Cindy slightly opened her eyes. Instantly, pain spread over her limbs.

The man who had almost exhausted his energy to take her away in the past few days. He has left now.

Olivia struggled to sit up and looked at the clothes scattered on the ground. The thin outer garment was treated rudely by the man and it was impossible for her to wear it today.

She had been taken here by Alex for several days. Her cellphone had been confiscated. She had no clothes to go out. She was so daring that she had become a bird in the cage. It was impossible for her to escape that place.

She finally found a loose robe to put on. When she opened the door, she was surprised to find that she was the only one in the apartment. 'Has Alex gone out?'

Although he had time to leave for a few days, she couldn't leave.

Although they live in a society ruled by law now, they should not be too careful about their safety!

She wasn't sure whether Cole had been released or not, nor was she sure whether Alex would deal with him!

So what she could do now was to accept her fate.

How could a weak woman without any background fight with a man who was powerful in the Southern City?

All of a sudden, the door was pushed open.

When she saw the person who pushed the door in, she was slightly surprised.

She unconsciously tightened her collar, trying to avoid him. But on second thought, it didn't make any sense to cover it up.

This was where Alex was living, and she was wearing his clothes. Anyone who was not blind could tell what was going on.

The female assistant's face changed a little when she saw how shrewd Olivia was, but she soon recovered as usual.

She put the bag in her hand on the table and looked at Olivia politely and said.

"Miss Olivia, President asked me to bring some food here. You can eat it while it is still hot. If you don't like it, I can go and buy some for you. "

The female assistant was very polite, which made Olivia a little at a loss.

She smiled awkwardly and replied in a grateful tone.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally said hesitantly, "well Where... Where is he? "

"Well, the CEO is busy all day long, so he may not come tonight."

The assistant replied honestly.

Olivia bit her lips, turned around and looked at the beautiful s

same plan as the one from the Chu Group!

But the Chu Group had lost the chance because all the previous design drafts and speech drafts were still in the hands of Cole.

Alex was ordered to investigate this matter thoroughly. However, when the accident took place in the Southern City and was about to meet with Cindy, Olivia Lu, didn't know it at all. It wasn't until she received a call from Cole, who was in the police station, and she happened to meet Alex in the police station.

"Miss Olivia? Miss Olivia? "

Olivia lost in her memories. She didn't come to her senses until she heard her assistant call her name several times.

"What? Sorry, I was out of my mind just now. "

"It doesn't matter. Since the dinner has been served, I should leave now."

She turned around and was about to leave.

"Wait! Wait Could you please buy me some clothes? "

It was so humiliating that Olivia felt she was given a slap on her face. It was so hot.

Hearing that, the female assistant hummed softly. Although she looked normal, there was still a touch of irony on her lips.

"Miss Olivia, I guess you haven't recognized your identity yet. From the moment you stepped in here, you are not yourself anymore! I'm sorry, Miss Olivia. President didn't tell me. I'm really sorry. "


Olivia abruptly raised her head. The hope that had just been twinkling in her eyes was completely shattered at this moment.

She couldn't even fake a smile.

"And Miss Olivia Don't forget to eat this! "

The assistant took out a small box from her pocket and put it beside the dishes.

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