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   Chapter 87 She Has Grown Up

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6018

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Marcus said in a cold voice. He looked away from Tom and at Cindy.

"Have you found the pen?"

Cindy nodded. "Yes, but it was taken away by Tom."

Maurice shoved Tom aside. It was not until then that Tom came to his senses. He immediately took out his pen from his pocket and handed it to Marcus.

"Master, your pen."

"Is there anything else?" Marcus looked at him with his cold eyes.

"No, master, it's time for us to go to the branch office."

Maurice mediated, taking Tom out.

Tom, however, was unwilling to give up. He did not expect that this woman could escape.

Until the two of them walked out of the office and the door was closed, the cold sweat on Maurice's face fell down.

Fortunately, he thought everything was fine now. He called his master. If Tom found out, those who were eyeing his master…

There were only Marcus and Cindy left in the office.

Marcus didn't say a word, and Cindy didn't have a guilty conscience at all. She calmly walked around the office table, bending over to wipe the fingerprints left on the safe.

"Cindy, I know what you want to do, but you don't know it's very dangerous!"

The killing intent around them was so strong that even an insignificant chess piece might lead to a deadly result.

For example Tom!

Hearing that, Cindy was coming closer.

"Tell me, are you really related to my parents' death? Why did you do that to my parents? They were so nice! They had never argued with anyone before? What for? Money? Power? You deserve all of them, don't you? "

The mention of her parents agitated her again, her eyes turning red. If he denied, then he should reason; if not, he must be guilty!

"As long as you tell me the truth, I will immediately leave. I don't want to bring you any more trouble!"

'Go? Where did s

d even imagine her pitiful look.

For a moment, Tom's mind rippled.


Maurice called the man standing in front of the French window gently.

The sunshine in the afternoon couldn't warm the coldness in his eyes.

"Tell me!"

Only one word had endless authority.

Maurice quickly put the documents on the desk behind the man and bowed his head.

"The people of Ken all disappeared. But we found one, and we found this! "

Hearing this, Marcus turned around slowly. When he saw the photo on the table, his dark eyes tightened.

"Check it! You must find out who is behind them! "

"Yes! What about Miss Cindy? She now believes that the matter of her parents has something to do with you. How about I tell Miss Cindy the truth? What's more, it's dangerous for her to stay here now. "

In fact, she was not the only one who was in danger. She hated Marcus.

"Maurice, she has grown up. Now that she wants to do something, let her do it!"

The man stood still, and his voice was exceptionally hoarse. Deep in his eyes, there was a touch of tenderness and warmth mixed with heavy weight.

"But master We found that after Miss Cindy left the hospital, she ran into... "

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