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   Chapter 83 A Warning!

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"I won't! I won't be softhearted! "

The thought of her parents and brother agitated Cindy. She stressed.

After a moment of silence, she said in a low voice.

"Hugh, help me check one thing!"

"What? Didn't you just say that you don't need my help? Yes? In trouble? Is it because your bodyguards didn't do a good job? "

On the other side of the phone, when the man heard her words, his tone seemed to be a little relaxed, and the corners of his lips even curved a slight arc.

He answered the phone with one hand, and a dart appeared in the other hand. With his ice blue eyes narrowed, the dart in his finger hit the bull's eye on the wall.

"They are fine. But I am talking about my parents. I want you to confirm it for me."

Cindy was in a bad mood for the first time. If what Emma said was true, then that man had been lying to her for such a long time! She almost fell into his trap and couldn't control her feelings!

The only person she could trust now was Hugh!

Five years ago when she opened her eyes, the first person she saw was him in front of the bed. At that time, she was in a coma because of a concussion, and she even forgot some memories for a period of time.

Fortunately, he had been taking care of her and found all kinds of information to help her restore memory.

But she would rather never remember her past with Marcus.

"Okay, what is it?" The man over there also seemed to be very serious.

The man's deep voice came through the phone again.

"Don't worry. I'll help you as fast as I can. You just wait for my good news, my little kitten. I just want you to know that I asked them to report your situation in case something bad happened to you. Since you don't want to do that, I won't force you. But remember to call me. I need to know you are safe! "

"Okay." Cindy didn't refuse this request again. After all, Hugh really cared about her.

She hung up the phone and took a deep breath. When she was about to turn

Before anyone could react, he had punched Marcus hard in the face.

But unfortunately, Marcus only took a step back, and his fist missed.

"Mr. Bob, are you crazy? " Maurice couldn't believe it. He had always been gentle and elegant, and even when he walked, he was seen as a nobleman. How dare he hit his master?

"It's you! No wonder my brother seldom sends me abroad for business. Besides, the branch company is not in a hurry this time, but he sent me abroad for so long! "

As Bob spoke, he looked even more indignant. Regardless of the great disparity in strength between him and Marcus, his eyes were surging and he waved his fists in succession to attack Marcus.

For the sake of Cindy, he would never compromise!

Obviously, Marcus didn't plan to show mercy to him either.

Bob's fist came, and Marcus easily grabbed his wrist. At the same time, he kicked him with a sweep leg, and Bob fell to the ground.


Bob roared, looking up at the man in front of him, who was staring at him coldly. He didn't want to give up like this, so he stood up again.


With a painful cry, he knelt down in front of Marcus.

"This is a warning to you! Besides, I won't be soft on you if you say you want to be with Cindy! "

Marcus's voice was as cold as the winter frost.


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