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   Chapter 80 To Be The Happiest Bride In The Most Beautiful Wedding Dress

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6446

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Cindy looked around and still didn't see the man. She looked at the carriage in front of her and finally sat on it carefully in a nervous mood.

After she settled down, the horse pulled the carriage to stand on its own.

A trembling feeling came over her. For a moment, she felt like the whole world was here.

Suddenly, two lights were lit up around the carriage. In the bright white light, the carriage and her shadow were reflected on the ground. Only then did she realize that the ground was no longer on a mountain road.

Before she was astonished, a lamp was lit up on both sides of the road as the carriage went on.

More and more lights illuminated the road until it stopped in front of a huge fountain in the front.

As the colorful lights around the fountain were lit up, a white column of water was seen rushing into the dark sky, as if it had some strange force to throw everything out, creating many gorgeous and illusory colors, attracting people's imagination.

As the melodious music sounded, the fountain's white water pillar instantly turned into seven kinds of colorful light, reflecting a colorful petal, enchanting.

Cindy went around the fountain by pulling the car and also saw the surrounding scenery.

A merry-go-around was built on a Ferris wheel above the water and a roller coaster that passed the castle

Here is

Cindy covered her mouth with her hand in excitement. She couldn't believe that he really took her to her favorite place. But where was the amusement park? She was sure that she had never come.

The horse gradually stopped in front of the stage in the castle. When a beam of light came on again, she saw the man.

Wearing a well-cut white suit, he looked like a prince from a dream. All of a sudden, she thought that she must have an illusion.

He gradually appeared in front of her. It seemed that he was magic, and a pair of crystal shoes with glittering light a

be alive. No matter what happens in the future and no matter how many dangers we will face in the future, I will never let you go! "

"Cindy, I know you came back for the Luo Group. I have told you before, as long as you want it and I have it! Whether it was five years ago or today, I have always been your Marcus. Whether you believe it or not, my love for you has never changed! I am who I used to be. I would buy whatever you like, sing songs with you till my voice is hoarse, and carry you when you are tired. If you cry, I will hold you. Cindy, believe me, I will love you more than anyone else in the world. No matter what you do, I will always be on your side. No matter what trouble you make, remember that I am always there for you! I will always feel that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. No matter how old you are, you will still be my most precious treasure in my hand. I just want you to be my bride! Cindy, will you marry me? "

One promise made Cindy burst into tears.

She felt so happy at the moment because of carriage, crystal shoes and ring… And the man who wanted to marry her!

At this time, the fountain around her was surging, to the most, and in the man's glittering eyes, her lips were trembling slightly. Finally, she opened her mouth.

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