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   Chapter 74 Is This Destined

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"Miss Emma… Here you are. "

In the dining room, a man's voice sounded slightly pleased. Emma slowly raised her head and saw the strong black man in front of her, and the large bouquet of roses in her hand.

'Why is he so cruel to me? '

Naturally, Emma disdained him.

If the flowers were from Marcus, she would smile from ear to ear.

She forced a smile and reached for it. "Thank you."

In a flash, the voice changed. "Is Marcus very busy recently?"

Feeling embarrassed, Tom moved his body and clenched his fist. He hated himself for not being able to look like his master!


When she saw the simple smile on the man's face, her mouth had a dimples. "Sit down, the dishes are getting cold."

"Oh, yes, thank you for inviting me for dinner." The man's eyes lit up as he watched Emma.

"It doesn't matter. I have nothing to do at home anyway, and I can't meet Marcus for once,"

As he spoke, Emma lowered her head slightly, tears welling up in her eyes.

Seeing this, Tom's heart skipped a beat and he almost wiped the tears off her eyes.

"But I don't blame him. After all, I'm not the one he loves. Tom, do you think I'm not as good as my sister? "

Emma raised her head and asked Tom sorrowfully. His heart sank.

Hearing what she said, he was furious. "Nonsense. How could that bitch be compared with you? She is even not qualified to carry shoes for you! My master put her under surveillance to take her brother under control. You don't have to worry too much, my lady. Sooner or later he will change his mind. "

The man's face was full of anger, but his words made Emma feel better.

"Calm down. I know all these things. Let's have dinner first. The dinner is going to be cold." Then Emma picked up a piece of fish and placed it on the plate in Tom.

Tom quickly gave in. His heart was beating fast. He didn't expect that he would have dinner with her.

"Why are you sitting so far from me? There are only two of us. Let's sit closer so that we can have a good chat. "

Seeing Tom sitting at the table carefully, Emma could not help but say.

"What? Oh, yes, my lady. "

Hearing that she asked him to sit closer, Tom was too nervous to take a deep breath. He tiptoed to move his body to her direction.

At the sight of the delica

as a man named Alex Chu, who might be standing at the top of the building right now, looking down at everything in a royal posture.

She hadn't seen him for years, and she really didn't expect that she would meet him again

She bit her lower lip hard and kept thinking about that year, her heart wrenching roar again.

It was also a intoxicating summer, but those past years and memories had become a lasting problem for her heart.

Go inside?

She was afraid of him

If she didn't go, she would ruin the future of a man!

In the end, she gritted her teeth and decided to give the choice to fate!

She carefully took out the heart in her pocket. Its surface was very light pink, only the little pattern in the front was still there.

Hands folded, she closed her eyes devoutly, and a moment later, her heart fell down

She lowered her head to have a look. If the pattern was facing up, she would go inside to look for Alex!

Alex Chu

The name hadn't appeared in her mind for a long time. Even if she heard someone's name similar to mine, her subconsciousness would ignore it.

She wouldn't have met him in the police station if she hadn't come to see Cindy urgently and then had an accident!

At a age full of fantasy about love, that bright and warm boy gave her tears and pain.

After taking a deep breath, Olivia slowly squatted down and fixed her eyes on the heart on the ground. When she saw the pattern in her eyes, she almost stopped breathing for a long time.

'Was this the destiny?'

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