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   Chapter 73 You Are The Only Woman I Know

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He loosened his hand subconsciously, and asked more cautiously and carefully.

"No, I didn't..."

Although she liked it very much, she didn't forget what she had to do.

In her dream, she saw the hateful look in Emma's eyes and the lethal shot from her. She took it to heart.

Seeing that she was fine, Marcus was relieved and continued writing.

She stared at his side face. His serious expression made him more charming.

"Well, is it this?"

After a long time, the man's voice was raised in the ward.

Upon hearing this, Cindy was shocked with his mouth wide open. She stared at her right arm.

"What, what's this?"

She pointed at the densely packed words on the plaster, and for a moment, she felt speechless. It was only a wish, but this man had used so many languages.

Instead, Marcus thought that nothing was wrong. He looked up at her and calmly explained, "didn't you say that you want wish?" Women like you are all superstitious, so I have to ask the gods from many countries to be more reliable. "

"What? Is there a problem? "

Hearing his answer, Cindy changed her mind! She didn't know what else to say. But at last, she asked confusedly, "do you know a lot about women?"

She whispered in a low voice.

"What? What? " Marcus didn't seem to hear what she was saying. He stared at her and asked without a blink.

"Nothing." When she realized what she had said, she covered it up hurriedly. 'What the hell was she doing now?'

When Marcus was about to say something, someone knocked on the door.

Maurice pushed the door open and came in politely.


Maurice looked extremely serious. He seemed to have something to say but stopped on a second thought.

"I'll go out first. You take your lunch later."

Seeing this, Marcus turned to look at Cindy and motioned for Maurice to go out with him.

As soon as the slender figure came to the door, he turned back suddenly. His tall figure fell back to her hair. His big hand held up he

? "

The smile on his face was as cold as ice.

"Come here!"

He gently reached out his hand to Emma. She bit her lower lip, and finally walked to the man half lying in the bed.

She knew she had no choice in front of this man.

When he is smiling, maybe he will break your neck in an instant!

As she was about to reach the bed, her arm was grabbed by him and she was pressed hard on him.

"Take off your clothes!"

Her heart beat faster with each word, but she had to do as he said. Even though she almost broke down because of the man's abnormal behavior sometimes

"Are you going to forget our plan?"

It is obvious that they have affections now, but the words coming out of his mouth are still very calm. He pinched Emma's chin hard, making her face painful. "No, I didn't."

"You didn't? Then why haven't you done it for so long? " Carlos grabbed her wrist harder.

"I... I don't have a chance. Marcus's men are watching the ward in turns 24 hours, and no outsider will be able to get close to her..."

Suddenly, she felt a pain in her neck and that blood was flowing out.

His cold eyes fell on her face. His lips were stained with blood.

"Aren't you acquainted with the man of Marcus? Sometimes, women can be of great use even if they are disabled and have an abortion. Do you understand? "

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