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   Chapter 71 Mr. Tender

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It was midnight, and bodyguards were still on duty 24 hours a day in the intensive care unit.

The summer weather was like that of a child's face. It was quite changeable. A moment ago, the starry sky was shining in the night sky. But not long after, a lightning lit up the sky of the Southern City.


A powerful thunder and lightning outside the window seemed to blow up the entire night sky.

Marcus was awakened by the sound. Then he heard the sound of the surveillance camera.

Beep! Beep! Beep——

The voice was like a dry earth met with timely rain, which shocked him. Marcus hurriedly got up and turned on the bedside lamp slightly. His originally quiet face finally became gloomy.

The man's figure grew taller and taller in the dim light of the lamp. He completely reflected the Cindy's little white face in bed.

It seemed that the thunder had some reaction to the somewhat wakening Cindy, who had been sleeping in the bed. She frowned and her long eyelashes trembled.

Marcus raised his hand and stroked the spot between her eyebrows to comfort her.


His voice was low and hoarse, but full of excitement.

His voice was like a glass of vintage wine, which went into Cindy's ear. Then, the instrument beside the bed made a louder sound.

Finally, a moan came out of her mouth. Her eyelashes trembled slightly, and her closed eyelids fluttered. Seconds later, her eyes opened slowly, just like fog.


Marcus was so excited that he seemed to forget everything. He looked at her with passionate eyes and pressed the call button at the head of the bed crazily.

"Cindy, you are awake..."

The voices sounded so far away as if they were in the dream. However, Cindy had not come to her senses yet. She only felt the voice come into her mind one by one. It was so familiar and warm that she only wanted to be close to it. She raised her hand subconsciously, but her hand in the air wa


The nurse's hand shivered and hurried to wipe her mouth, but she failed. Obviously, she was too afraid of the handsome and cold man behind her.

Sure enough.

Marcus stood up in a rush. He frowned and strode towards the nurse. Without saying anything, he took the ointment from her hand.

He sat quietly on the edge of the bed and pressed the body of Cindy against his.

"I... I'm sorry, Mr. Marcus Let me do it. "

Seeing the anger on Marcus's face, the nurse was scared to death.

"Get out!"

Marcus looked at her and said in a cold voice in his thin lips.

The nurse shivered and rushed out.

Marcus turned to the woman in his arms again. A second ago, the coldness in his eyes gradually turned to gentleness. He picked up the medicine spoon and gently put it on her lips, but the medicine still flowed down.

Marcus paused for a while. He put down the medicine and held her in his arms as he wiped her lips.

"Cindy, are you willful again? Oh, my God What can I do with you? "

He sighed softly, as gentle as the grave. Then he picked up the medicine bowl and took a big gulp of bitter medicine into his mouth. He leaned over and his thin lips pressed tightly against hers. His tongue pried her teeth open, and the medicine was gradually sent into her mouth.

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