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   Chapter 70 An Enigmatic Man

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The gentle moonlight fell through the curtain into the slightly cool ward. The room was very quiet. Apart from the noise from the oxygen equipment, only the moonlight and the gentle gaze of the man were heard.

Marcus had thought that she would wake up soon after the operation. To make her have more rest, he had tried his best not to wake her up.

However, after a whole day, there was no sign of waking up on the person in bed. The man who had been guarding the bed was very anxious. His handsome face seemed to get elegant.

His dark eyes did not lock her on the bed for a moment. After a while, he picked up a clean towel, wet it with water, and wiped her dry lips slightly with it.

In the light of the wall lamp, his tall figure could be seen. At this moment, he was no longer cold, but gentle.

Time went by in tranquility. Marcus held Cindy's hand. His heart ached when he saw her hands.

It had only been one day, but she seemed to have lost several circles and was no longer alive.

When the first ray of sunshine was shone on the ward in the morning, Maurice knocked at the door gently.

When he saw Marcus, he was taken aback.

"Master, have you ever slept?"

No wonder he was so scared. It had only been two nights. Why did he feel like his master had aged a lot?

He looked haggard, and the wrinkles and spots on his clean, flat shirt and the stubble on his chin caught him unprecedentedly dejected.

But his eyes were so gentle and soft, just like the moonlight last night.

This was a rare scene for Maurice in the past five years.

Marcus seemed to have some reaction. His tall body moved a little. After carefully looking at the bedside medical equipment, he took the clean clothes in Maurice's hand.

"Do you find anything? Those who broke into the city recently? Did Ken hire them? "

Marcus didn't believe Ken would be able to do that. Apparently, those men were specially trained.

Besides, they almost killed her. He would not let it go.


with a glass of red wine in his hand. His blue eyes were full of endless mystery.

The man sipped at his wine and an evil smile appeared on his lips.

"So? Is my kitten okay? "

"Yes, master. I got the news from the hospital that Cindy was out of danger. "

It was an awkward first time to say a foreign language.

"Well, then Did our men infiltrate into it? "

The man turned around slowly, with a snow-white face, and rosy lips, especially the watery peach eyes, which were ice blue. If it was not for the tall figure and the sexy voice of the man, such a stunning face would easily make people mistake him as a woman. But his face and figure didn't make people feel uncomfortable. People could only think of two words. "Monster!"

The person behind him was embarrassed. "No, no, master. Marcus is in the hospital by himself. And his men are all his trusted people, so We can't even take half a step closer... "

"A group of idiots!"

Suddenly, the man who looked gentle before was enraged.

"Yes, master. It's all my fault. I didn't do my job well." The man behind him quickly lowered his head.

"Hum, forget it. We have enough chess pieces anyway. Just put one on the chessboard. "

The man's unusually bright eyes squinted slightly. He was exceedingly beautiful, but also full of frightening weirdness.

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