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   Chapter 69 His Tenderness Only For Her

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"What did you say? Does she have a different blood type? " Outside the ward, hearing the news brought by Maurice, Marcus frowned slightly.

"Yes, I let that woman go easily." Maurice was furious when he thought of this.

Marcus waved his hand. "Just let it go. Sooner or later, I won't let her go. But remember, she's not allowed to get close here any time! "

"Yes, sir!"

When Maurice took the order and was about to turn around, he seemed to think of something.

"By the way, master, where is the man who donated his blood?"

"Who? Did you see him? "

"He is a man beyond our imagination. Vincent, that police is also an illegitimate son of the Qin Family! "

When he met Vincent in the lounge, Maurice was also surprised.

'Vincent?' Marcus closed his eyes and thought for a while. He knew something about the Qin Family, but Arthur Qin didn't admit Vincent.

Right now, the Qin Family first sent him some false blood. Then, Vincent came to donate his blood. Wasn't this too coincidental?

"Invite him here. I have something to talk to him."

"Yes, sir!"

After Maurice left, Marcus worried about Cindy who was in the ward. He was afraid that she would not see him when she woke up. So he turned around and entered the ward in a hurry.

He walked to the bedside, only to find that she was still lying there quietly, like a porcelain doll.

He reached out and held her hands gently. Although she didn't wake up, he could still feel her strength. He loved the warmth of this moment very much. Looking at her slender hand, his eyes were soft and his mouth had never been down.

"Marcus Marcus... "

Suddenly, a light but clear whisper came out of Cindy's mouth.

Hearing the familiar voice, Marcus walked close to her. Her small face showed uneasiness in his black eyes. Her eyebrows slightly gathered, as if she was in a bad dream.

"Well, Cindy. You need a good rest now and don't think about anything. I'll be here with you all the time. Just relax, OK? "

He caressed her frowned eyebrows with his warm fi

blood from the Qin Family made him…

Vincent didn't say anything more. Silence was the best answer.

Marcus calmed down a little. As soon as he raised his hand, Maurice handed him the check with both hands he had prepared in advance.

"Mr. Vincent, I don't like to owe anyone anything. Please don't think too much. I just want to thank you for Cindy. We are not familiar with each other after all, so I think it's better to figure out what happened. "

Looking at Vincent's expression, Marcus continued to say indifferently, "If you don't like money, of course, you can make other requests. I will try my best to satisfy all your requirements. "

Vincent was lost in thought at Marcus's words.

"Haha Mr. Marcus is a man of distinct distinction between kindness and grievances. But as a police, saving people is my duty. If Mr. Marcus doesn't want to owe anyone, then allow me to ask you for a favor first. Don't worry, this will have nothing to do with Mr. Marcus or the Qin Family. "

"What is it?"

"One thing that won't make trouble for Mr. Marcus, but it might help me. I can't tell you now. If I need it, I'll certainly ask you for it. As you know, I'm a selfish person. No matter what happens, I have to leave a way out for myself, don't I? "

Vincent said bluntly while looking at Marcus.

"Okay!" The words weighed a thousand pounds.

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