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   Chapter 68 He Must Love Cindy Very Much

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Hearing there was still blood, Marcus and Alex bit their lips tightly and their anger was slightly appeased.

Marcus gave a cold look at those persons holding the contract. He snorted. Even if he made a concession, that old man wouldn't let them go.


A shout came from the entrance of the corridor. Alex saw that Maurice was holding Emma and walking towards them.

When he met Marcus's cold eyes, Emma shivered and tried to move backward, but was pulled back in front of him by Maurice.

"What? Pretending? I'm telling you, it's too late! "

Maurice cast a scornful glance at Emma and then looked at those people who were lowering their heads and didn't know what to do. The sight of the blood in their hands shocked him.

"What are they doing?"

"They were sent here by the Qin Family, but they can't be used."

Alex's face darkened. "That old fox wants the Huo Group, but using such a dirty trick. He is getting more and more cunning."

"What? How dare he want to get close to the Huo Group! That old bastard! " Maurice also looked resentful.

"All right, Maurice. Take her to the laboratory to collect blood for tests. If it is useful, transfuse blood! "

Marcus's anger had been subsided gradually. All he cared about was only the safety of Cindy.

"Yes, master."

The expression on Maurice's face changed. He took Emma's hand and was about to leave.

"Don't bother, Mr. Marcus. The operation is successful. We'll get good news soon. " The nurse who had just gone in to deliver blood came out and stopped them.

"Where did you get the blood just now?"

Such a rare blood source was neither from the Qin Family nor from Emma. Moreover, there was no such blood source before in the hospital, wasn't there?

The nurse said with a smile. She seemed to have calmed down and was no longer afraid of Marcus.

"It's a policeman. He donated his blood! "

"Where is he now?" Marcus asked immediately.

"He was just transfused blood and he is still resting in the lounge."

"Maurice." With a wink from him,

the direction of the voice and saw that Cindy was holding Marcus's hand. However, she didn't wake up.

"Miss Cindy must love Mr. Marcus very much! Otherwise, she wouldn't have felt Mr. Huo's heartbeat when she was in a coma. "

The nurse's face was full of envy, but her heart was also more shocked. Under the effect of that anesthetic, Miss Cindy had such a strong will.

"I I don't know... "

He could tell her once that she loved him!

But now Although he was still so eager to know that she still loved him, he was still a little scared when he wanted to confirm it. His heart beat fast.

The people around him was shocked by Marcus's ambiguous answer, and they didn't know what to say next.

"Marcus, you must be too happy to realize that,"

Among so many people, only Alex dared to make such a joke.

"Cindy even got shot for you. She loves you!"

Hearing Alex's laughter, everyone could not help but laugh, except Emma.

"Let's go! What are you looking at? I want your blood drawn! "

When Emma was a little relieved that Maurice had forgotten about the blood test, a sharp pain in both hands was caused by him. Without mercy, Maurice pulled her towards the laboratory.

She didn't want to leave, and deliberately dragged the floor. Thinking of the results of the test, the cold sweat rose from the back of Emma, making it chilly.

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