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   Chapter 67 Trick

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Marcus replied without hesitation. He didn't have much time. The most important thing right now was to save her. As for other things, he would do it later.

Alex curled his lips when he heard this.

"I have replied, and I will help you with everything. I don't think you will give me the second answer."

At the same time that old fox made this condition, he answered it for him. He knew his friend well who grew up in the same pair of trousers.

Inside the villa of the Qin Family.

"Dad, will he sign the papers?"

Sitting on the sofa, Ken's father Tim asked his father.

The old man with mustache snorted.

"It doesn't matter whether he signed it or not. It will be our Qin Family's property if he signs it. If he doesn't sign it, then he'll wait for that girl to die! It's a good deal, but... "

The old man's eyes darkened.

"What's wrong, dad?" Asked Tim immediately when he saw the hesitant look on his father's face.

"Didn't they say that Marcus was dead? Why is he in the hospital now? "

He couldn't have escaped from the explosion.

Great regret was written all over his face. If only Marcus could be killed by the explosion! How angry he was!

"Yeah. I also feel it strange. But from this point of view, Marcus has indeed offended many people, and many people want to kill him. So we don't have to deal with him now." A sinister smile crept onto Tim's face.

"Well, this time I'd like to see how Marcus will deal with it? The Huo Group will be destroyed. Then the Huo Family is on the decline because of him. Hahaha... "

Holding the two balls in his hands, the old man raised his head and laughed. This time he would get even with Qin Family for what they had done to him before.

"But Dad, the blood of our family Do we really give it? It's very precious! "

"Bullshit! Those were Ken's life-saving blood! If he wants it, we must give it to him? You will never change your mind. Fr

heard Emma's more painful shout.

In the hospital, Marcus kept staring at the end of the corridor.

"Why hasn't it finished yet? Isn't it supposed to be soon to test the blood? "

"They are coming..."

Marcus was as anxious as a cat on hot bricks, while the young nurse came before she could get here.

"Mr. Marcus, can you sign it now? " A man of the Qin Family who was waiting for the contract with Marcus was also anxious. He had gotten a pen in his hand.

"Mr. Marcus, you can't… You can't sign it! "

The nurse couldn't catch her breath. With resentment on her face, she ran over and smashed the bags of blood on the man. "You didn't take what we need. You're blackmailing!"


Not only Marcus but also the people who came to deliver blood were stunned.

'They knew nothing. Oh… I'm screwed

It seemed that they screwed it up, and this time it was really difficult for them to continue to stay in the Southern City.

Marcus clenched his fists and was about to strike back at those people. That son of a bitch, how dared he fool him!

"Mr. Marcus, don't worry. I have a bag of blood on me. Please wait outside. I'll take it in. "

The nurse walked into the operating room without saying anything.

'And a bag of blood? Where did it come from?'

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