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   Chapter 65 I Just Want To Spoil Her And Marry Her

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Marcus didn't even frown. He just let her bite his arm.

Her pain was rare compared to his. His voice was low and hoarse, and he walked faster, but he was very gentle to her words.

"Honey, everything will be fine when we get to the hospital. Alex is still waiting for you outside. Let's go find him. By the way, do you know that? We know where Olivia is now. When you get better, I'll take her to you, okay? "

"What happened? Where is your master? "

Alex had been waiting anxiously outside for a long time. When he saw Maurice, but he hadn't seen Marcus and Cindy for a long time, he couldn't help asking.

"Get out of the way,"

When Marcus came out of the room, the unusual expression on his face and the cold tone of speaking made Alex run to him immediately.

When he saw the woman he was holding, his face froze. "What happened?"

They got on the car soon. Alex looked at the pale face of Cindy through the rearview mirror and said, "Marcus, Cindy… Will she be okay? "

Hearing that, Marcus, who had kept his eyes on Cindy, looked up at his good friend and said in a hoarse voice.

"She will be fine. Drive faster. "

"This is the fastest we can," Abbie glanced at the watch on the car, indicating that it was the fastest speed. Safety first.

Marcus tightened his grip on the woman's hand. Her hand was cold, and her body temperature was fading away. He kept rubbing her hands to warm her hands.

The car arrived at the hospital soon. Cindy was sent into the operation room. When the red light above the door lit up, Marcus didn't move his eyes.

It was where she had been five years ago. When he rescued her from the fire, she was abducted.

Now, he sent her here again, and he must guard at the door.

Her life had been linked with death twice. This time he wouldn't break his promise.

A bitter smile emerged on Marcus's lips. He had seen her get hurt twice. Damn it! 'Damn!'

He clenched his fist and hit the snow-white wall hard, leaving blood stains on it.

"Marcus, are


"Where is your attending doctor?"

"Mr. Marcus"

At this time, the door of the operating room opened, and the attending doctor just came out.

Marcus stepped forward and grabbed his white gown tightly. His eyes were filled with coldness.

"Why is there no blood? It doesn't matter how much money if you can get from other hospitals. "

Afraid as the doctor was, he shook his head and collected himself.

"Mr. Marcus, it's not about the money. Our Huo Group is very wealthy. If we could transfer the blood, we would have done it. But now we only have one more hospital with blood source left. Besides, the amount of the blood is just several bags. We don't have too much time. If we get, I'm afraid… Also... "


The veins on his forehead stood out in fury.

"Marcus, I'll bring Emma here." 'Anyway, let's get that woman's blood test first, ' Alex thought.

"Master I... I know where there is this kind of blood. "

The expression of Maurice on one side flickered, and he finally opened his mouth with some difficulty.

He didn't know whether he should laugh or cry at this moment.

"What? Where is it? "

Maurice's words successfully drew everyone's attention. Marcus went up and grabbed his arm and asked anxiously.

"There is such blood in the Qin Family's private blood bank, and… It's abundant!"

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