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   Chapter 61 The Person Behind The Plot

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Abbie dragged Cindy into the car. After taking a deep look at the flame, she closed the door heavily and started the car with her trembling hands.

She prayed to herself that Marcus would be fine. Otherwise, she couldn't imagine what would happen to Cindy after she woke up.

They were both women. Although Cindy didn't want to admit that she still loved that man, her eyes betrayed everything.

After Abbie left, a figure came out of the crowd.

Looking at the car far away and the red light in the sky over there, the man smirked.

"Master, I didn't expect that Marcus Huo could be dealt with so easily. You always say that he's very strong, but I don't think so."

After getting in the car, the man couldn't help asking for credit from his boss.

With a glass of red wine in his hand, the man sitting in the car smiled mischievously.

"Really? If he is really that easy to be dealt with, I will not let the little kitten go! Is that man from the Qin Family still following her? "

That man looked towards the computer screen.

Suddenly, the smile on his face disappeared. "They didn't return to the Luo Family. They must have known that they were followed. How smart they are!"

"Master, Mr. Ken… I really hope that our people won't be defeated by him this time. "

"Ha, let me see if Ken can defeat a kitten!"

The man put on an evil smile again as he spoke.

He didn't expect that Ken would let Cindy know where he lived in the Southern City. In this case, he would play a game with Mr. Ken.

"Cindy, what are you doing?"

Abbie had just come back from her observation of the terrain, and she saw that Cindy had been awake and was about to rush out with a gun. She grabbed her immediately.

"Why did you bring me here? I don't even know if Marcus is alive or dead! "

Said Cindy, on the verge of tears.

"Wait, please listen to this,"

Seeing this, Abbie sighed. She turned on the phone and handed it to her.

"This is..."

At the

, but they didn't expect it to be locked.

Looking at the rusty iron lock, it was difficult for them to get out of here.

"It seems that we have no choice but to play hide and seek with them here."

Cindy picked up an iron bar and hit it without hesitation.

Bang! Someone who was looking for them heard the noise.

"Over there. Let's go!"

Abbie quickly loaded her gun, which was aimed at the entrance of the corridor and staring there with her black eyes without blinking.

With two "bang", two figures appeared at the entrance of the cafe. Abbie knocked them down precisely.

"Cindy, are you ready?"

Both of them became more anxious.

They heard the sound of someone running again, because the noise they made was too loud here.

"Wait a minute, right now."

The lock had been old for many years, so it was really difficult to open it. Thin beads of sweat stood out on Cindy's forehead, and her hand hurt a lot.

"Someone is coming!" Abbie whispered, her fingers on the trigger getting tighter.


Hearing her words, Cindy was shocked too. According to the footsteps, they were not one or two people this time A wave!

"It's in the room which the sound came from."

Someone outside the door began shouting excitedly, and the footsteps following became clearer and clearer.

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