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   Chapter 60 Target, Marcus!

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Seeing the situation, Alex raised his hand and was about to take out his gun, but was stopped by a shout from Marcus.

"Don't move!"

Marcus gave himself to that man and hid Alex behind his back.

"Marcus!" Clenching his fists, Alex seemed to have realized something.

It turned out that they didn't aim at Cindy, but It was Marcus!

After hesitating for a while, Alex finally made up his mind and used his hand to feel his waist.

"Marcus, drive your car!"

He pushed Marcus aside and glared at the other man angrily.

It seemed that the enemy was surprised at his move, but he quickly reacted, aiming at Alex, and pulled the trigger.

Alex shot his gun at the man's shoulder.

The two bullets clashed. Just when he thought they were going to pass through Marcus's window, the bullets bounced out of the window with a loud bang. The one that Alex had shot went through his car window and hit his shoulder.

"Ah --"

The man was injured and the car ran in a fast speed. The cars on the road braked hard because of this car, causing a rear end collision. The traffic was in chaos, and there was a screech from time to time on the road.

Marcus breathed a sigh of relief.

"Why didn't you tell me that your car is bullet proof?"

Alex also pat his chest with lingering fear. If he had known it was bullet proof, he would have been more calm.

"That one is not Cindy. Where is she now? "

Marcus looked around on the road, trying to find Cindy's car.

"We might have fallen into a trap. The Cyan Dragon Gang is always a decoration from the beginning to the end. The people who want to assassinate Cindy have been ready here, but their purpose is not that simple! "

Alex calmly said his analysis.

"Marcus, it's not safe here. Stop the car now!"

It suddenly occurred to him that if the target of those people was really Marcus, once their car entered the ambush, then

Marcus seemed to thin

o run towards Marcus's car, but Abbie pulled Cindy back so tightly that she could be dragged into safety zone.

"Calm down. Marcus will not die so easily. Even if you don't, aren't you afraid that your brother will be sad? "


Slowly, Cindy turned around, her eyes blind, tears streaming down her face.

She couldn't believe the fact that Marcus's cars had exploded. The corner of her lips had already been bit red, and all her strength was clinging to Abbie's arm.

"Abbie, you Who are you? "

"I'm an attendant of your brother! Cindy, listen to me and don't go there. The most important thing for us now is to leave here. It's dangerous here. Those men can hurt you at any time! "

"Brother's men? What about my brother? Where is he now? "

Hearing that Abbie was her brother's man, Cindy got excited again.

"This is not a good place to talk. Let's wait for him. If we don't find him here, then get out of here as soon as possible."


The two women kept looking at the direction of the fire, but they couldn't find the two men. Cindy was on the verge of collapsing.

"We can't wait any longer. We are leaving now!"

"No, wait!"

Cindy wouldn't leave.

Abbie gritted her teeth, swung her palm at the back of Cindy and she passed out.

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