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   Chapter 59 Shock In The Night (3)

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7000

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The corners of Marcus's mouth twitched. He was watching the fight intently, his eyes fuming with rage.

"What happened? Damn it! At this critical moment! "

Alex cursed. The light of dawn was approaching. Unexpectedly, they would be shot by this sniper.

"Marcus, if you don't slow down now, your car will be crashed into the air!"

Seeing that the three cars opposite had no signs of avoidance or slowing down, Alex's face revealed a fierce look. 'Are they blind or… Do it on purpose?'

He clenched his fists angrily. If he were to die here, then he would really be a coward!

"It's too late!"

Marcus opened his mouth and wanted to say something. But no matter whether they were aware of it or did it on purpose, the flames that had been suppressed in the bottom of his eyes suddenly flared up.

"Alex, hold on tight!"

As soon as his words faded away, he pressed the accelerator hard. Since they liked to play such an exciting game on the road, he would satisfy them, so that they would never forget it!

His eyes were filled with coldness.

"Ah --"

With Alex's roar, the car rushed forward even more fiercely.

The three drivers on the opposite side were still speeding up, as if they were trying to catch up with them.


The shocked expressions on the three men's faces made a sharp squeal when the wheels clashed against the ground. The wheels of Marcus's car rose all of a sudden, and the car hit the left slope. It went through the gap between the two cars.

"I have to shake them off."

Marcus said indifferently to the man who was stunned by what he had seen.

"Is this heaven?"

If it hadn't been for the accident, Alex would not have believed that they were still alive. He really thought that they could shoot thriller film together. The director didn't need to make a full play of on-the-spot performance. Just now, he had really felt the death at that moment.

Alex murmured, looking at the road ahead.

"Ling -"

Marcus's phone rang again. Alex came to his senses and answered the phone immediately when he saw it was from Maur

d a lawsuit against you and put you into prison! "

"You -"

Alex's face darkened at the mention of the past.

Seeing that he was humiliated, Marcus had a big surprise.

"If she really lives a good life, you'd better not disturb her any more. Otherwise, it's neither good for her nor you! "

This was what he had always wanted to say to him.

"You don't know me as you have Cindy."

The disgusting look on someone's face made him raise his eyes suddenly. A light flashed in front of him and he stretched out his hand, pointing ahead.

"That's Cindy's car!"

"Look at the plate number!" He was still worried.

"Yes, it's Cindy's!" Alex looked at the words carefully again and confirmed.


The thought of the person in the car made Marcus heart race.

Although her car wasn't supposed to be here, Marcus somehow felt like the person in the car was the same.

"Alex, no matter what happens later, remember..."

"I know. Let's save our lives!"

He knew what he meant!


Marcus didn't say anything more. Both of them were on the alert, waiting for the moment to come.

Gradually, the two cars were moving horizontally, almost on a par with each other.

"It's not Cindy!"

Marcus could feel the terrifying anger in his heart. All of a sudden, the man who was driving the car had rolled down the window. A black silenced gun was aimed at Marcus!

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