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   Chapter 57 Shock In The Night (1)

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6136

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In the dark night, in a villa in the suburb of the Southern City, Cindy, dressed in black, was like a deft cat and darted through these rooms.

She explored the rooms one by one. But unfortunately, she had already passed the fifth one, and there was still no trace.

Hearing the noise downstairs, Cindy's heart tightened. Her sharp eyes fell on the window with European style.

She quickly packed up the tools in her hands, and then jumped onto the balcony. She listened carefully inside, as if there was water from the special made in her hand.

She didn't expect that there was really someone here!

Cindy pressed her lips into a thin line. After that, she secretly opened the window and peeked through the window. The room was much more luxurious than those she had been to.

'Who the hell lived here?

Is my brother here?'

The call was from an anonymous number. It was received after Marcus sent her home.

The voice changer told her that if she wanted to see her brother, she could come to the villa of the Southern City.

Cindy had thought that it might be a trap, but for her brother, she was willing to take a risk.

But she still had to be very careful. What if her brother was kept somewhere by the abductors?

Besides, she hadn't figured out who lived here!

She looked around and found that it was obviously the master bedroom.

Suddenly, there was a noise in the room, and the door of the bathroom was opened. A man who was lowering his head and wearing a towel walked out of the bathroom.

His strong shoulder came into her eyes. She looked away immediately.

The man's chest still hung with glittering water drops, and his slender legs were exposed in the air, with a power of boil.

There was also drops of water rolling down from his black hair. Although she could not see his face, he see

hen she went out, she was waiting for everyone to sleep. But Abbie followed her!

As the bullets brushed past them, Cindy pulled out her pistol and shot back.


The man was followed by several bodyguards.

"Don't hurt her!"

When the man saw her bright eyes under the black veil, he had recognized her and ordered the bodyguards around him.


"Can't you understand my words? Just frighten her with a few shots. Don't kill her. Let her go! "

"Yes, sir!"

The bodyguards couldn't figure out the man's mind, but he didn't dare to guess it. "Don't shoot! Catch her alive!"

All of his men stepped back in panic. They couldn't get close to that woman if they didn't shoot her.

"Now! Let's go!"

Cindy whispered to Abbie and the two girls retreated to the door.

The atmosphere in Marcus's car was oppressed by a very strong sense of oppression. Alex did not say a word. The whole car was extremely quiet.

"Ling -"

Suddenly, his phone rang. Marcus took it out from his pocket.

"Any news?"

His voice was hoarse and his face was gloomy.

"Master, we just got a piece of news that someone wanted to kill Miss Cindy, and it was the Cyan Dragon Gang who took on this deal!"

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