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   Chapter 56 Brother

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Consoled by Cindy, Marcus finally lost his appetite. However, he couldn't indulge himself in sensual pleasure anymore.

After dinner, he sent Cindy back to the Luo Family and then drove out to look for Alex alone.

Over the years, it was easy to find Alex. He was either in a bar, in a hotel, or in a university.

That's where they study, and also where Olivia study.

When he was young, in order to attract girls' attention, he would choose a very popular sport, such as basketball.

Although Alex was a big shot in the school back then, in order to draw the girl's attention who was reading under the tree, he ran and acted like a basketball player.

"Wait a minute, Mr. Marcus."

When she saw Marcus, Alex's female assistant stopped him.

Marcus glanced at her. He was quite familiar with this female assistant, but he didn't expect that after so many years, nothing had happened between her and Alex.

"What? Are you going to stop me? "

Meeting Marcus's eyes, the assistant hesitated for a while. She knew she couldn't stop him. And when she realized that Alex had not said that she should not let Marcus in, she got out of the way.

The court was so huge that no one else was clapping or cheering for Alex.

In the light, he looked a little lonely and sad.

Marcus walked in the court, stood in front of him and accurately cut off his ball.

However, he didn't throw his ball to the basket. Instead, he threw it directly to Alex.

When Alex saw the ball flying towards him, he could dodge it, but he didn't move. He just let his body fall with the ball.

He lay on the ground and opened his eyes to look at the twinkling stars in the sky.

"Are you satisfied with this round?"

"If you can't work off your anger, you can beat me as you did at the hotel."

Marcus was so angry that he slapped him without mercy that day.

He came to look for him now and did not make fun of him, so Alex knew his intention clearly in his heart.

Marcus walked slowly to him a


Marcus snorted. "You hurt Cindy to achieve your goal!"

After that, he gave Alex another punch. When they had been in the hotel, he had beaten him black and blue. It took him several days to recover a little.

"But I lost my happiness. I lost..."

Without any counterattack, Alex fell to the ground again and murmured.

"She doesn't want to see you. Her life is quiet and peaceful. Alex, let her go!"

Although Marcus didn't want to say that, the reality was cruel. He should have seen clearly that the relationship between him and Olivia was not only filled with hatred, but also an inescapable barrier.

"Haha Let her go! "

The man lying on the ground let out a bitter laugh. If only it was so easy to let her go!

Just as they were talking, Marcus's phone rang. Seeing the name of Maurice on the screen, he picked it up.

"Hello What? I beg your pardon! Where is Cindy? "

Hearing the voice on the other end of the phone, the man's face became darker and darker, and his eyes burst out two rays of cold light. He was full of anger. He quickly put away his phone, turned around and left.

"Wait I'll go with you! "

The man on the ground also stood up and said to Marcus's back.

"No, thanks."

"Don't forget that I'm still your brother!"

Without waiting for Marcus's answer, Alex strode away.

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