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   Chapter 55 Let Him Hold You!

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The morning after the meeting, when Marcus sat down, Maurice's expression changed a little.

Flustered, he looked at his master from time to time.

As for Marcus, he was not an ordinary man. For people around him, even with a look, he could tell what had happened.

"What happened, Maurice?"

"What? "Nothing, master."

The truth was entirely revealed by Maurice's panic.

"You didn't? Bring me today's newspaper. "

Early in the morning, he was in an emergency meeting about the branch company, so he didn't have time to read the newspaper or to browse the Internet. Looking at Maurice, he knew something seemed to happen.

"It's "Master, I forgot to take the newspaper."

"What? Go and get it now! "

His behavior was even more suspicious.


Maurice walked slowly towards the door, thinking how to make the master give up reading newspapers?

But even without the newspaper, the master would see the news when he checked his phone later.

"Hurry up!"

"Yes, sir!"

With the newspaper in his hand, Maurice hesitated and handed it to Marcus. Then he took a few steps back.

"Well, master, please calm down after reading it! Miss Cindy is out now. "

Before he opened the newspaper, Marcus guessed that it might have something to do with Cindy.

When he opened the newspaper, there was a cold expression in his eyes. At the sight of the photo on which the man and woman hugged and the striking title on the newspaper, he was almost crushed.

"Alex Chu is seeking for his new girlfriend. Considering that she is the lady of the Luo Family, we are not sure about the love triangle. "

The picture published in the newspaper was well taken. They could tell at a glance that Alex's side was photographed, and so was Cindy's side.

"Master, this matter is spreading both on newspaper and Internet. I don't know why it cannot be under control. "

"And it's said that the news came from the Chu Group."

Cindy didn't know that she had hit the headline again. When she got back to the Huo Group, all the people around her looked at her with curiosity, or with disdain.

hen, Cindy stopped asking and read the newspaper intently.

Noticing her gaze, Marcus followed her gaze.

What mattered most was that these pictures and files were leaked from the Chu Group.

The Chu Group belonged to Alex, didn't it?

What did he want to do?

The dispute between Alex and Cindy caused a sensation in the Southern City in an instant.

First, Cindy met Marcus. Now, she hugged Alex. Who was Alex? People couldn't help but imagine that he died in the arms of a beautiful woman all day long. It was a bad reputation for Cindy.

When Emma saw this photo, she was very happy. She held a newspaper in her hands and jumped up and down at home. She wished she could tell the whole world that Cindy was a woman of easy virtue.

"Are you so happy to see that Cindy is in trouble?"

Abbie said coldly, looking at the woman who was holding a newspaper and dancing alone with a glass of wine.

"Hum! You're just a servant anyway. My business has nothing to do with you! Besides, I don't know when your master has been dumped by others. If so, I'm afraid that she can't even afford your salary. You'd better think about your future plan... "

Emma leaned on the sofa. She read the newspaper in her hand. Then she took a sip of the red wine, with a sinister smile on her lips.

Thinking of the secret that man had told her, it seemed that she had to take actions as soon as possible.

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