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   Chapter 50 Stay With Me From Now On

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"After I was drugged, I came across a group of people, including a woman. They said they would send me to Alex's room. "

Cindy did not talk about Emma and Nana.

If she hadn't told that woman that she wanted to go to the bathroom, she couldn't imagine what would happen at last.

At that time, she was in a very bad situation. She was so weak that she seemed to have been burned inside the fire. What was more, she had devoured herself, 'it's an empty space!'.

When she told the woman that she wanted to go to the toilet, the woman hesitated at first, and the bodyguards also seemed to be extremely reluctant to agree, but in the end, the woman unexpectedly agreed.

They took her to a hotel. In the hallway, when there were people coming, Cindy tried her best to get rid of the woman's hand.

"Don't make too much noise. Find her out."

The woman said to the bodyguards indifferently.

After running all the way to the toilet, she went to the last door and locked it without checking whether it was a lady's room or not.

She was exhausted. If caught again, she couldn't run away.

'Who are these people? They will send her to Alex's bed?'

Soon she heard footsteps coming from outside the bathroom. It seemed that they wouldn't stop until they caught her.

The men soon came and kicked the door one by one while Cindy was hiding herself in the cubicle. She could hear nothing but her breath. Her heart was strained and flustered. Beads of sweat kept oozing out of her forehead because of the drug and fear.

She clenched her hands, not knowing what to do.

If she ran out, she would definitely be caught, but if she hid here, she would soon be found.

Leaning against the door sheet, Cindy slipped down weakly. When she lowered her head, she saw a pair of black high heels in the bathroom next door.

There was someone next door to her!

"Oh my God Who are you? This is the lady's room. You are so lascivious. If you don't go o

o change or not? "

"You have only one chance. If you miss it, it will be hard for you to be promoted again." Seeing the star's hesitation, Cindy said again.

"How do I know whether I would be sent to Mr. Alex's room or not? What if it was someone else? What if an old ugly man? That will be a loss for me. "

"What good is it for me to play tricks on you? Or what can you give me? "

The movie star's heart missed a beat when she heard Cindy's words. She thought for a moment, took a deep breath and went all out. "Okay, change it!"

In this way, after changing clothes with the little star, Cindy hardly escaped from there after she was taken away.

She stumbled along the way. The drug attacked her.

She ran into the grass dazedly, but she lost her way and fell down accidentally.

Cindy didn't say anything about the rest of the story, but Marcus knew it. After he found her, he took her with him.

"Cindy, you suffered a lot."

Hearing her words, Marcus finally knew what she had experienced last night. She was in the most painful situation and he wasn't by her side when she needed him.

He hugged her more tightly, and his thin lips fell on her forehead, while gentle words spilled over his thin lips.

"Cindy, please stay with me from now on. Don't leave me again, okay? "

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