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   Chapter 46 It's OK, Cindy. I'm Here.

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 7005

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The title of 'Mr. Huo' and 'Mr. Chu' was respectful in the Southern City. Except for Marcus and Alex, no one dared to use it.

Who the hell are they?

Where would they send her?

At this time, Cindy felt that she was lifted, but she had excluded the possibility of Bob.

At least for now, it was impossible for Bob to have such a bodyguard.

So the man the woman referred to just now was

Alex Chu!

No! If she was thrown onto Alex's bed, how could she not be in danger?

Besides, Alex had always been a playboy. If he was drunk, he would never look at the women in the bed. What if he took her as those women?

"Wait… You got the wrong person. "

With her eyes closed, she said in a low voice with all her strength.

But there was no reply except the sound of friction between the shoes and the ground.

Just now, she thought that she had escaped from Nana's control, but it was out of her expectation that she would be escorted to Alex's bed again.

'If Alex and I… Then everything would be in a mess.'

Even she couldn't forgive herself, not to mention Marcus. What's more, she didn't deserve her best friend!

When Marcus found that Cindy had disappeared, he lost his mind. He asked people whether they saw her or not, but they gave the same answers, shaking their heads.

"Master, I haven't found Miss Cindy. It seems that the surveillance video in the banquet hall has been edited. "

Maurice came here with his people, but what he brought was not good news.

Marcus's eyes flashed across the hall. "Block this area. No one is allowed to leave without my order!"

"Yes, sir!" A group of bodyguards in black had stood at both sides of the gate.

"Give me the map of this island."

Marcus's eyes blazed with anger.

Maurice didn't dare to slack off. He got the map of the island and handed the tablet PC to Marcus.

"Master, this is the map of the whole island. We can start from the East and West. I'm sure we can find her. "

"I'll take my men from the East, and you go from the West."

Marcus waved his hand and turned around to leave. All of a

fight with Alex!

"Alex, come out!"

Marcus kicked the door of the second floor furiously.


When the door of another room was kicked open, Marcus rushed in and saw two persons who were in entanglement. He was emitting a terrifying cold aura all over his body.


He shouted and kicked the man up from the bed with his fists.

Marcus punched with all his strength. Alex's nose was hit and blood flowed down instantly.

"Do you know who she is? Recognize her clearly! "

As he said so, Marcus raised his fist and punched several times in his face.

After being hit, Alex raised his head dizzily. When he saw Marcus, he smiled at him.

"Marcus, I'm having sex with a woman! Don't bother me! "

"I don't care who you are playing with, but you are so bold to hurt my woman!"

"Your woman? Isn't your woman Cindy? This one is I just found. " Alex was puzzled.

"I was about to tell you where Olivia is, but you… Alex, if Olivia knows that you hurt her best friend, you deserve to die alone! "

Marcus couldn't stop punching.

'How dare he hurt his beloved Cindy! He even wanted to kill him!'

"Olivia? Huh Huh What does she have to do with me? " Suddenly something occurred to Alex, and he smiled.

But Marcus didn't want to talk to him anymore. He ran to the woman in bed and held her in his arms.

"Cindy, it's me. It's okay. I'm here. I'm here..."

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