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   Chapter 43 A Mistress Is So Unscrupulous

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6152

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The moment Marcus appeared, a crowd of people swarmed up, especially the reporters around. They were holding their own equipment and scrambling to interview this celebrity in the Southern City.

On the other side of the hall, a slender figure, who was leaning against a pillar with a glass of wine in his hand, was staring at the entrance of the hall. When he heard the voice, an evil and cruel smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. He gritted his teeth and shouted, "Marcus!"

The party was boisterous, as if the leading role of today was Marcus.

Wearing a white dress, Emma clenched her fists, hoping that everything would go well.

The moment Marcus and Cindy stepped into the hall, they were immediately surrounded by the media and microphones.

Marcus frowned and asked, "Who let them in?"

It was a normal party. But why were there so many reporters?

While saying that, he held Cindy in his arms more carefully in case that she would be knocked down by these people.

Seeing that there was a woman in Marcus' arms, the reporters who had rushed over were all stunned, but then excitement appeared on their faces again.

But when their eyes met with that of his girlfriend, they all felt amazed.

"Mr. Marcus, is this lady the Luo Family's first daughter, Cindy Luo? Is she your partner? Isn't your fiancee the second daughter of the Luo Family, Emma? "

"Mr. Marcus, have you broken up with Miss Emma? "

"Mr. Marcus, it's said that Miss Cindy used some devious means to take away her sister. Is that true? "

"Mr. Marcus..."

With Marcus's protection, Cindy finally managed to make a way for her through the crowd. She was almost out of breath. She raised her head to look at these crazy people, and she just breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't expect that the crowd made a scene again.

"Look, Miss

me and her. She hasn't said anything yet. Why are you so agitated?"

"I see. Do you have a secret crush on Marcus? Do you want to have sex with him under the light of her fiance? "

"No, I didn't." Eugenia's face turned red because of the embarrassment. She felt ashamed and resentful as if what she said was the truth.

"Sister, don't wrong her. She is just defending me. She knew that you had pushed me downstairs, so she… Oh, I'm sorry, sister. I didn't mean to slip out. I, i... "

Emma said, pretending to be careless. Then she hurriedly cover her mouth with her hand and carefully looked at Cindy for fear that she would be angry again.

"What? She even pushed her down the stairs? She is so mean! "

"Apologize! You must apologize! "

Holding back by the people around her, Eugenia also got excited.

"Humph, haven't you seen, Cindy? We are all on the side of Emma. You..."


A cold male voice suddenly sounded in the crowd, and almost instantly the crowd quieted down.

"Apologize to her!"

The man approached her step by step, with his anger about to explode between his eyebrows.

On hearing this, people thought Marcus was defending Emma, but his next move made everyone stunned.

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