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   Chapter 38 She Is A Poker Chip

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"Master, here comes the porridge."

No sooner had the master said he wanted some porridge than Maurice rushed to buy it.

However, the man just glanced at it coldly and snorted, "you bought it?"

"What? Yes. " Maurice nodded subconsciously.

"I don't eat the food outside."

"But Master, Miss Cindy… She has not come yet. "

Maurice was a little flustered. 'They were still fine when he left yesterday.

But she was too late today. Cindy didn't come to work and her phone was powered off.'

"Call her again! She skip work for no reason. It seems that she doesn't like the salary anymore. "

Marcus pulled his tie impatiently.

"Yes, I call her now."

"Fine, give it to me."

Marcus raised his hand and took the phone from him.

He dialed her number, but what he heard was still the sweet, formulaic sound.


He cursed and almost dropped his phone.

Yesterday, he just kissed her in front of Ken. And he also warned her not to think about leaving him.

He didn't get angry with her because she was with other man, but she threw her temper first and didn't go to work.

"By the way, master, I just received an invitation, saying there will be a banquet the day after tomorrow..."

"No, I won't go."

Marcus interrupted him coldly.

He threw his phone on the desk, unbuttoned his shirt, leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes.

During this time, he called Cindy several times, but no matter how many times he tried, the phone never got through.

Seeing the embarrassed expression on his master's face, Maurice didn't dare to say anything more. He put the invitation card on the desk gently.

Unfortunately, the invitation letter blocked the photo frame on his desk.

The frame was a picture of Marcus and his parents on the front side, but the opposite was a picture of Cindy in childhood.

"Take it away."

"Well Yes. "

Seeing the coldness on his young master's face, Maurice quickly took out the invitation again.

"Go and check where she is

have to send someone to watch over her. If there is any sign of trouble, or if the people of Andy get down to look for her, we can also catch them all as soon as possible! "

Marcus nodded and said, "okay."

After Tom left, Maurice frowned deeper.


"Who did this? What the hell was this? Was staff in the planning department eaten nothing? Take it back and redo it. "

Before Maurice could finish his sentence, Marcus suddenly took the files from his desk and, with a quick glance, threw them away.

Maurice received the documents with a quick response, trembling slightly.

'Oh my God! Master is in a worse mood.'

"Okay, I'll be right there."

That was why he left in a hurry.

Tom had just left the Huo Group when he met Cindy, who was rushing to the company.

"Cindy Luo!"

Tom shouted at her.

Hearing this, Cindy stopped. She didn't like Tom very much, even in the past.

But when she came back this time, she disliked him even more. It seemed that he was her enemy. Even from a long distance, she could feel his hostility.

"What is it?" She said lightly.

"HM! Let me tell you. Don't think you can replace Emma and marry into the Huo Family. You are not at the same level as her! You don't deserve my master! I will keep an eye on you. No matter what you do, I will never let you go! "

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