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   Chapter 33 Wish A Wonderful Night

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Since Cindy became Marcus's personal assistant, she had become the house keeper.

24 hours a day. Except for sleeping time, they almost became conjoined twins.

That was fine. The point was that she did not know if the man wanted to tease her intentionally so that she had no spare time at all. Therefore, she turned down several times of Bob's invitation for dinner.

'Just in these days when I work, Bob gives me flowers every day and then calls me to ask if I get used to it.

How could he do that? His mind was smaller than a needle!'

"Miss Cindy, please sign for your flowers."

Once again, Cindy met the flower shop staff.

Only when she saw a large bouquet of fragrant flowers could she feel a little better.

When she was about to sign for it, unexpectedly

"Assistant Cindy..."

A cold male voice came from the office and went straight to the eardrums of Cindy.

She stared at the source of the voice, gnashing her teeth. She even suspected that the man had a thousand of eyes, otherwise how could he know that she received flowers?

"Yes, sir. I'll be there soon."

Trying hard to suppress her emotions that was about to explode, she quickly took over the pen from the flower shop staff and swiped two strokes. Then she pointed at her own desk and hurried to the office.

"What's up, Mr. Marcus?"

"I told you to clean every corner in the office. What's this? "

A man's finger swept through the corner of the shelf and then held his hand in front of Cindy.

Hearing that, Cindy frowned. She was about to lose her temper, but she controlled herself.

"Sorry, I will clean it again."

"Good girl."


The man had already turned around, and she stood behind him. She wanted to give him a few punches, and see if he would say "good"!

But that was not over.

"My coffee should be freshly ground. Go and make another one."

"Coffee is hot. Go again. "

"It's getting cold again."

Just a cup of coffee would cost Cindy at least five or six times.

Not to mention the documents piled up on her desk all of a sudden.

She thought they were important documents of the company!

However, to her surprise, they were company's past planning cases and materials.

That man let her see all of them and then sort

t going. "

"Stop calling me, or you won't be able to go back home today."

"I won't go back!"

She pursed her lips, still looking out of the window. She was not afraid of what he said at all.

"There is a nice restaurant nearby. Let's have dinner together."

To her surprise, the man in front of her didn't say anything, but murmured a few words to her before starting the car.

Hearing that, Cindy was in a daze. After a long while, a light "hum" could be heard in the car.

Looking at her pretty face through the rear-view mirror, the man's handsome face was also filled with smile, and his mood seemed to be better.

Originally, when he said he would take her for dinner, she thought it was a luxury hotel. She did not expect that they would stop at a relatively remote street.

Looking at the sparsely populated street, Cindy looked up at the small restaurant.

'Is this the place he said to have dinner here? '

She was a little surprised.

The decoration was simple and exquisite.

Without saying anything, Cindy just followed him in.

It was a simple and small restaurant, but it was a totally different one when she entered it. Especially when she saw the huge glass greenhouse, she was attracted.

The flowers in the room became more dazzling in the light, and a burst of fragrance of flowers made her feel better.

Especially when she saw the Platycodon gradiflorus in it, she couldn't help but ran over and squatted, with her mouth unconsciously raised.

"Do you like it?"

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