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   Chapter 32 Borrowing A Knife To Kill

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"Don't worry. I know who I am. Just as you said, I will never be with them. I will continue sending people to look for Andy, and I will grasp the opportunity to find his men. "

"If they don't show up, I could also think of other ways to let Cindy know about her brother."

She held the phone tighter and tighter, her pretty face putting on a cold expression.

"I hope so, Abbie. I'm doing this for your own good. You've been working with him for such a long time and know him very well. If he knows who you really are, do you think you can survive? Even if he loves you, there are so many men behind him. They are all his subordinates who went through life and death. Your blood is enough for them to kill you several times. Let alone whether he loves you or not! "

The man's words were like a sharp knife stabbing right into the heart of Abbie. She could still remember how ruthless he was. She remembered he had told her that he would kill the person who had killed his men!

She almost broke out from the beginning when he told her this at that time, and she wanted to tell him all the truth, including her identity, and all she had done around him over the years.

However, when he looked at her affectionately and wanted to take her as the treasure, she lost herself again.

She admitted that she loved that man so much that she even thought of the final result of her love.

She was really willing to die at his hands!

If so, she could at least escape from all this.

But before she could tell him, he had disappeared and his whereabouts were unknown.

When she had been with him, she had heard of Cindy, but she didn't expect that she would be sent to her side.

Even for the sake of Andy, she would try her best to protect his little sister!

No matter how much Marcus loved Cindy, she had to stay away from him if that man wanted Marcus to die. That was why Abbie had agreed to help that man find Andy's men and tell Cindy the truth.

Hanging up the phone, Abbie looked out of the window at the faint moonlight. A touch of sadness crept onto her face.

'Andy, what should I do?

Stop Cindy from being with Marcus, right?'

The next morning, Cindy arrived at the Huo Group. She didn't fall aslee

reported your relationship with Miss Cindy."

Maurice checked his phone, turned to the page of the report and put it in front of Marcus.

With a casual glance at the article, Marcus found it hard to find the truth about his relationship with Cindy. "What the hell is this talking about? I asked someone to delete everything after I came back from the engagement party. I didn't expect that they would dare to use these photos! "

The man's face slightly darkened and he said in a cold voice.

"It seems that my words don't work in the Southern City."

"Master, I will..." Maurice wanted to deal with it as soon as possible, but was interrupted by Marcus.

"Since my words are of no use, I can find someone who is more useful."

That was not his master's style, so he was surprised.

When he was wondering, he saw Marcus take out his phone and skillfully press a fast button.

"You're on the headline again! How dare they? They made you a fool. Your father would definitely be furious if he saw it."

"What? I'm not in the mood to clean up the mess for you. I suddenly feel that it is also good for you to buy it, at least the content inside is very wonderful! "

After talking a few more words with the person on the other end of the phone, Marcus hung up the phone with a sneer.

Maurice looked at his master tapping the table gently. 'Was his previous phone call to Mr. Alex?

It has to be said that his master has done a good job in borrowing a knife to kill a man!'

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