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   Chapter 20 Great Gift

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Seeing that, Emma was more pleased. She raised her chin and looked at Cindy.

"Sister, you just came back. You are not familiar with anything. Let me arrange it! "

While speaking, she winked at a servant.

"Prepare a guest room for her."

It sounded like she was arranging someone unimportant.

Cindy slightly squinted, and glanced from Emma to the servants.

"Since you are a member of the Luo Family, you should listen to me… What's the point of my hiring you? You're all fired! "


Hearing her words, all the servants looked at Emma again.

Emma didn't take it seriously. She stroked her long hair and said, "Sister, I know you're mad at me. But you do not have to bother them. They all signed a contract and were officially hired. And if they were dismissed without any reason, they would need to get triple compensation. You just came back, how can you have so much money? Besides, there are lots of servants here. If we fire them all, where can we hire so many people? "

Cindy pressed her lips tightly. She wasn't afraid of Emma's scheme, but her words had hit the nail on the head.

Though she was the first daughter of the Luo Family, everything of the Luo Family was under the control of Emma now, and That man.

Cindy raised her head and saw the provocative look in Emma's eyes and the cold looks of the servants around her.

They must have been waiting to see her make a fool of herself.

In fact, she had already asked someone to investigate her identity before she came back, but it would take some time to go through the legal proceedings. So it would be some time before she could take back the part of property that belonged to her.

Just as Cindy was thinking about how to deal with it, there was a noise of fighting outside the door.

Soon, a group of people rushed in. There were men and women. Men were in black suits, and women were in black maids' uniforms.

The security guards outside ran in. Their faces were dripping with blood.

"Miss, I don't know where they come from. We can't stop them."

Emma was also a little confused. She looked at the rows of people in black and their cold faces, feeling guilty.

'What was going on?'

At this moment, a tall and good-looking girl walked to Cindy and said with respect.

"Sophie, I am your personal maid, and they are your servants and bodyguards. From now on, you are our mistress. No matter what happens, we will work with our heart and soul! "

"But I didn't even hire you guys!"

"We were hired by Hugh, and he said we would only listen to you in the future."

Hearing her words, Cindy immediately understood. With a smile on her face, she thought, 'That man didn't make fun of me. Maybe this is his gift.'

But why did he ask her to wait for his men on the other side of the river before? It was unnecessary. What's more, Bob got hurt because of her.'

Cindy asked, looking at the girl in maid's clothes.

"What's your name?"

"My name is Abbie,"

Cindy waved her hand hurriedly. "Abbie, can you stop calling me 'mistress'. It sounds weird. "

"Then Miss? Mr. Hugh's contract has a term in it, and we people are a

ll hundred percent respectful and obedient to you, so... "

"All right, Miss."

Seeing Abbie in a dilemma, Cindy could imagine how the man must react when he hired these people.

Although he would not be as strict as the way he treated his subordinates, his requests would never be less.

"By the way, Miss, here are the documents about your identity. According to your parents' will, you and your brother have half of the real estate and houses except the Luo Group. Besides, after you were misunderstood dead by Emma and your brother disappeared, she should return the property of the Luo Family as soon as possible. "

"Miss Emma, here are the will certificates and relevant documents. Please have a look, and please go through the procedures with our mistress as soon as possible. "

Abbie said, handing one of the documents to Cindy and the other to Emma, whose face had turned green.

Emma was reluctant to take the document.

'How could this be?

I tried so hard to get the property from the Luo Family. Am I going to lose it?'

After looking through it all over, Cindy nodded. At the same time, she was more grateful to that man.

Since five years ago, he had always been there for her.

"In this case, we will fire all the servants before!"

Cindy said lightly.


Then Abbie drove all the security guards and servants out of the villa with her servants. Of course, they got a lot of money that they should be paid.

Such an efficient work satisfied Cindy.

"All right. All the maids have been dealt with. It's your turn. "

Then Cindy turned her eyes to look at Emma.

Emma was frozen and raised her head.

"Now that you are a grown-up, we have no obligation to raise you. We can go through the formalities another day. Please leave here too."


Is she driving me away?'

The more hateful Emma was, the more she wanted to bite her lips.

"No, I'm a member of the Luo Family. Uncle and aunt have promised my father and they would take care of me for my entire life! You can't get me out of here! And you have no right to do so! "

Emma lost control of her emotions and jumped with joy. She had been used to being extravagant. Now she had no money, no house…

More importantly, if she lost this identity, Marcus would never marry her.

"Did my parents say that? I don't remember at all. Besides, my uncle had already died when you were found. How can you be sure that my parents have promised my uncle? "

Cindy put her hand under her chin and rolled her eyes, pretending to think.

"You! Of course, I heard it from my uncle and aunt! "

Emma tried her best to persuade her.

"Physical evidence?"

"No." Emma answered, gritting her teeth.



Suddenly, several weird noises came from the corner of the stairs.

"Who? Who was there? Abbie! "

Hearing that, Abbie walked towards the corner of the stairs immediately.

"Please don't, please don't It's me, it's me... "

"It's you! Why are you here? Didn't I tell you that you were not allowed to step in here any more? "

When she saw the person who shrank out of the corner, Emma was furious.

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