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   Chapter 18 What Does He Want To Do Through Her

Timeless Adoration By Luo Xi Characters: 6477

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In the silent room, the man's voice sounded like a ghost, and the leader of the kidnappers could not help but tremble all over.

He raised his head slowly. But when he saw the irresistible sneer on the man's lips, he was completely shocked.

"What Aren't you... "

'It was Marcus!

What was going on? Wasn't it his fiancee who paid them to do this? But why did she kidnap them?'

"You seem to know me."

Marcus raised his head and walked towards them.

It was not until he was in front of them that he finally stopped and turned against the light, standing as a king!

"We are your fiancee's men. Why are you..."

Suddenly, Richard, one of the kidnappers, screamed. But then he stopped immediately.

He seemed to understand something.

"Really? fiancée? Then What did my fiancee ask you to do? "

His voice was deep, and the faces of the group on the ground turned even paler.

"Mr. Marcus, please spare us! We are so stupid and ignorant that we fell into the trap. For the sake of the fact that Miss Cindy is safe, please spare our lives! "

Now the leading man realized. 'No wonder Marcus said they kidnapped his woman. It turned out that Cindy was his true fiancee! They were so stupid.'

The leader was frightened to blue, and he begged, trembling. The rest of the group kowtowed to Marcus in an attempt to save themselves.

"Is that okay?"

Marcus slowly savored the words. A bloodthirsty sneer curled the corners of his red lips. He narrowed his dangerous black eyes and gave out a cold light.

All of a sudden, the kidnappers seemed to have sensed something and dared not to say a word.

It was the leader who responded quickly. He hurriedly crawled to the foot of Marcus and grasped the foot of his trousers with trembling hands.

"Mr. Marcus, I didn't do anything to her. It's... it's Noble. He seduced her. Mr. Marcus, we really didn't know that Miss Cindy is yours. It's all Emma's idea! It was her who instigated us! Anyway, Miss Cindy is safe now, but my men were beaten half dead by her. Then a group of people rushed in. Except for us, the rest of them either died or were seriously injured. They wouldn't live long. Mr. Marcus, please spare us. "

All the people behind echoed his words, except Noble.

As for Noble, he was in despair.

"Who! Who touched her? "

Marcus shouted and stared at Noble with his fierce eyes. All the people on the ground shivered, and finally they all looked at him.

Noble kowtowed. "Mr. Marcus, I was wrong. Please forgive me. "

Looking coldly at the man lying on the ground, Marcus walked over to him, gracefully lifted his foot and cruelly stepped on his back.

The man kept kowtowing. When Marcus kicked him, his body touched the ground. In addition, blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth.

"Which hand did you use?"

Noble was confused when he heard the cold voice overhead.

"Come on, cut both of his hands."

"What? No! No! Mr. Marcus! I swear I won't do it again! "

Ignoring the pain, Marcus kept kowtowing towards Marcus. His forehead was bloody.

But apparently his words didn't work. The next second, he was pulled out by several men in black.

"Oh my God Ah... "

Several misera

ble shrill cries were heard, and the rest of them were frightened as well.

Suddenly, the leader realized something and rushed towards Marcus.

"Mr.... Mr. Marcus, I know I know the explosion that happened five years ago... "

Marcus's sharp eyes widened.

"I know. It was just because of Emma. "

"No, she is only a pawn."

The leader was already in a panic, but in order to save himself, he had to take the courage to say it.


At this time, Maurice also went up and whispered in Marcus's ear.

Marcus said in a low voice after taking a look at the man on the ground.

"Lock them all up first."

"Yes, sir!"

In the dark, a black car stopped at the gate of "Cindy Garden".

Marcus got out of the car. The servants greeted him with bowed heads.

"You may leave now! Maurice, throw it away. "

Marcus took off his suit jacket and threw it to Maurice.

He didn't want to take that bloody stuff in.

"Yes, master."

Marcus went upstairs to a room, which belonged to her and where he was shining. Only there would he feel a little warmer in his cold heart.

The room door was opened and the light of the whole room was dim.

He frowned and reached out his hand to light up the room.

Everything here was the same as that when she had been. He looked at the big empty bed and walked slowly.

He gently touched the bedding and pillow that she had covered. It seemed that there was still a faint fragrance of her on the pillow.

He lay down slowly and closed his eyes. And gradually, the wrinkles between his eyebrows became flat.


He muttered in a very soft voice.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

At this moment, there was a knock on the door. Marcus slowly opened his eyes with a shrewd look flashing in his eyes.

"Come in."

Maurice pushed the door open and came in. He was surprised to see that his master was holding the quilt, but soon adjusted it.

'Master must be thinking of Miss Cindy again!'

Thinking of the information they just got, Maurice clenched his hand.

"Have you found it out? Who called her? Is that the same person who had robbed her five years ago? "

The anger in his eyes disappeared soon. Marcus looked at Maurice and asked.

"I'm sorry, master. We found the man's phone number but failed to hack into his system. He must be a big shot. But we compared the recording with the one left by Miss Cindy five years ago. Although it's a little blurry, it's sure that they are the same person! Master, what do you think he wants? He robbed Miss Cindy in the past, and now let her return to the Southern City and to you. What does he want to do with Miss Cindy? "

Sitting on the bed, Marcus bit his thin lips and a complex emotion flashed through his black eyes.

"I don't know what he wants to do, but Cindy, he can't control her anymore!"

"But master, Miss Cindy has been holding a grudge against you, and she's been through a lot with Emma. I'm afraid..."

"Humph, I'll let Emma pay for what she has done to me sooner or later. Keep it for now. At least because of her, Cindy will come back to me soon. And as for Tom, send someone to monitor him carefully, and report everything he does. "

"Yes, sir!"

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