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   Chapter 17 She Was In Heaven And In Hell

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"Cindy, have you been staying in a hotel since you came back? You can go back to the Chu Family with me after going to the hospital! "

In the car, they chatted casually. But this time, Bob learnt something. He was not as direct as before.

"No, I'll go back to the Luo Family tomorrow."

"What? Are you going back to the Luo Family? Cindy, Emma is still there. You… She is not a nice person. "

As long as he thought of the face of Emma, Bob would be full of disgust.

Having been looking straight ahead, Cindy suddenly burst into laughter. She took a look at the man who was worried about her.

"So, Bob, do you think I'm a good person to be bullied?"

The words choked Bob.

He almost forgot that she was strong now.

"But Cindy I'm still worried about you. "

After all, there were not only Emma, but also Marcus!

"Come on, Bob! I think I can deal with her malice. "

When she thought of the people who had kidnapped her, a hint of cruelty flashed through Cindy's gloomy eyes.

"By the way, Cindy… Where have you been? How did you get through all these years? "

Bob was eager to know what she had experienced in the past five years.

He wondered how she was doing without their company.

"Well… How to put it? It should be a good place! It was great to have a good meal and a comfortable life with me... I was so happy! "

It was her heaven and her hell.

Only after she arrived there could she be reborn, but the numerous treatment and torments almost killed her.

She lived in a palace. But first, she had to win over all her opponents on that day.

The room was filled with indifference, though the man kept calling her "kitten".

"Cindy, really? You didn't lie to me? "

Hearing that she didn't suffer, Bob was apparently relieved. Anyway, she came back!

It was getting darker and darker. However, in a corner of the bustling Southern City, there were some people curling up in the dim light.

"Eric, what should we do now? The whole Southern City is under arrest of us. Our men were killed or arrested, and we still had to hide here! "

The man who was speaking threw the half smoked cigarette in his hand to the ground with a strong force, and then stamped it out violently with his foot. He didn't look happy at all, though he was rewarded so much.

Right, the people who kidnapped Cindy and escaped were hiding here. The one who spoke was Noble.

"What should we do? I told you not to have sex, but you didn't listen to me. Although we have got the money now, we have sacrificed many of our friends' lives. The most important thing is that we can't spend it now! "

Eric, the boss, looked very worried. It was obvious that he didn't expect that they would make such a big trouble just for kidnapping a woman.

"Eric, it's not all Noble's fault. God knows how powerful the woman is. She caused us to be grasped together in the underworld. '. We are not going to get away with it, but at least we are still alive. As long as we find a boat and smuggle to somewhere else, we can live a carefree life. "

Richard spoke for Noble.

"Okay, let's get out of here as soon as Ellison gets in touch with the ship."

Obviously, the leader was very impatient.

However, just as he finished his words, a man's voice suddenly appeared in the dark.

"Really? Are you sure you can leave here alive? "

Everyone clearly heard the man's deep voice.

"This is not good. Everybody, run! "

The leader came to his senses and hurried to pull the money-filled

box beside him. But before his hand touched the corner of the box, he was surrounded by a group of strong men in black.

It was not a big deal. The key was that all the guns were aimed at the man's head.

Seeing this, the rest of them were also stunned, and the boxes in their hands fell one by one.

"What… Who… Who are you? "

Looking at these men in black, the leader was extremely panic and uneasy. The other men all huddled up submissively.

They looked around nervously, trying to find a chance to escape.

"Who? What a damned thing you have done! You don't know I'm your creditor, do you? "

A man's voice came from the crowd.

The leader was stunned for a moment, and then pretended to be innocent.

"Hey, you're a strong man, aren't you? Do you bark up the wrong tree? Don't be angry, okay? Money! We have a lot of money! Don't be so formal with me. Just take them. "

Even if he had studied in the gang for a while, he had never seen such a large gang before.

He didn't even know who he had offended!

"Find the wrong person? Look, is that your partner? Don't say that you don't know him. "

"Thump". The man saw Ellison, who was originally sent to contact a black ship, tossed here like a chicken on a duck.

Ellison crawled to his boss on his knees and hugged his legs tightly.

"Boss, I was shot. Help me, help!"

Ellison's words shocked the kidnappers, and they looked down, and found that his legs were full of blood, and as he moved, the blood seemed to be flowing like water.

"Good man, boss! You can take all the money away. I'm begging you. Please let go of us! "

Seeing Ellison's face, the man who had pretended to be innocent immediately collapsed to the ground and kowtowed repeatedly.

Since their leader was in danger, the other kidnappers dared not think about anything else. There was no chance for them to escape. All of them got down on their knees.

"Really? Do you think this money is enough for our master? What our master wants is not your money, but… Your lives! Take them all! If anyone dares to resist, just shoot him! "

A mocking and contemptuous smile curled the corners of Maurice's mouth.

The kidnappers were soon tied and thrown into the car. Maurice quickly called his master.

"Master, we have found them… Yes, I will take them there now. "

The sky was getting dark. Several cars were swaying along the road in the suburb of the Southern City. It took a long time before they stopped the car.

The kidnappers with eyes covered were pushed out of the car. They stumbled and finally fell on the ground in pairs.

All of a sudden, the sound of dogs barking around them made them panic.

"Take away these things on their faces."

At Maurice's order, several men in black quickly went up and pulled the cloth on the kidnappers' eyes.

The kidnappers all squinted as they couldn't see anything clearly.

Until a tall shadow covered them, they opened their eyes slowly.

"Who the hell are you? Why are we here? "

The kidnappers' leader trembled as they saw Maurice's cold face.

"What? Didn't he tell you? "

Marcus's voice was as cold as ice, and his eyes shot sharply through the crowd. All the men in black retreated and bowed their heads respectfully.

Under the light, the man's cold and determined lips seemed to slightly move, and the light from his eyes was as cold as an arrow.

"Master." Maurice immediately bowed his head.

"You have kidnapped my wife. Do you think… What do I want from you? "

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