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   Chapter 16 Still Love Him

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The knife point swept gently from the tip of Ken's hand to Cindy's neck. A slight push would stab through her skin.

No woman in the Southern City dared to resist him like this. He must destroy this woman with his own hands, and then let her humbly kneel down under his suit pants to beg for mercy and cry!

But obviously, the truth was far from what he had imagined.

The next second, she turned over the knife and it fell on her hand.

Ken was stunned. Meanwhile, he felt a sharp pain in his knees. The proud look on his face disappeared.

That was not over. Before he could respond, he was trampled hard in the chest by Cindy with another kick.

Ken's eyes were filled with disbelief. He raised his head and looked up at the beautiful face above him.

"You, you are so good at fighting!"

He stammered.

He had thought that she was only good at martial arts, but now he was wrong.

He didn't expect that she could turn the tables in such a short time within five years.

No one expected that the dignified Mr. Ken would be trampled by a woman one day.

If anyone found out about this…

He felt so humiliated.

The impact brought by Cindy and Ken's self-esteem surged into his mind, forcing him to fight back.

"Now? It's too late! "

Before Ken stood up, Cindy stepped on his feet with greater strength.

Cindy said in a disdainful tone, looking down at him.

"Well Cough, cough

Ken's face flushed scarlet. He glared at Cindy with anguish. Now he had no strength to fight back.

"Cindy, I won't let you go. I won't let you go! "

He growled at her in a hoarse voice.

"Well, come on, if you can!"

Said Cindy, with a wry smile on Ken's face.

"Stop it!"

When Marcus and others arrived, they saw the scene.

The young master of the Qin Family was being trampled on the ground. A woman was looking down at him. Her beautiful face was lit up.

The light in Marcus's eyes dimmed. With his cold voice, he came over slowly with anger.

With the chill in the air, the onlookers surrounding them also moved aside and made way for him.


On the other side, Bob pushed the crowd aside and recovered from the shock just now.

The fighting skills of Cindy won his admiration and humbled himself.

'I was trying to protect the one I loved, but now I'm the one who should be protected, ' he thought.

Looking at the injured Bob, Cindy quickly withdrew her foot and ran towards him.

"Bob, are you okay? You are bleeding. Let's go. I'll take you to the hospital! "

Said Cindy, looking at Bob with concern. Then, she helped him up and was about to leave.

However, they were greeted with a beam of cold light that could not be ignored.

They raised their heads and saw Marcus standing not far away.

"Cindy..." After a glance at Marcus, Bob bowed his head to look at Cindy.

"Leave him alone. Let's go!"

She muttered and then prepared to raise her foot again.

Marcus glared at the woman who was holding another man.

When he saw that she held a completely different attitude towards Bob and him, a fire was burning in his heart.

Regardless of the man over there who was his friend's brother and he had always treated as a brother, all he wanted to do was to kick him away when he saw that the man was leaning on the little woman.

Marcus's face was as cold as ice. He walked over and tried to pull her over without saying a word. However, Bob was the first to stop him.

No matter how skil

lful she was now, deep in his heart, she was still the little girl who liked to cry and needed protection.

Five years ago he didn't fight for himself, but this time he didn't want to let go.

Even if who he had to face was the man who made the whole Southern City tremble with fear and had always been treated as his own brother since childhood!

"Bob, what are you doing? Don't forget that I am her guardian! "

The expression in Marcus's eyes was as cold as ice and snow.

"Marcus, don't forget you already kicked her out of the house. She's free now. "

Bob retorted in a neither humble nor pushy tone.


Seeing that Marcus was about to lose his temper, Alex, who had been watching the bustle aside, had to jump out to help his brother out.

"Bob did this for the sake of Cindy. Look, he was injured. And the man from the Qin Family..."

Alex shot a glance at Ken who was still lying on the ground.

They couldn't just leave Ken alone like this. In case something happened, it would be troublesome for them.

Marcus furrowed his eyebrows and forced himself to calm down.

He took a glance at Cindy and then looked at Bob. He said surely.

"She won't leave the Huo Family!"

After that, his eyes flashed a cold light. He turned his head and stopped looking at the two people.

Bob was stiff and his mouth moved a little, but he said nothing.

"Help Mr. Ken to the hospital. "

When the situation finally settled down, Alex winked at his brother to indicate him to leave with Cindy in a hurry. Otherwise, Marcus would change his mind…

"Cindy, let's go!"


Cindy replied in a low voice. She didn't look up at the man and walked towards the door with Bob.

"Cindy, do you still love him?"

They kept silent all the way. It was not until they walked out of the club far away that Bob managed to speak out a sentence from the bottom of his throat.

Cindy's hand that was holding Bob's arm tightened all of a sudden.

The phrase "love" was too hard to describe.

She stopped slowly. The street was full of hustle and bustle. The neon was dazzling, but a piece of pain flashed through her eyes.

She lowered her eyes and smiled. "Yes, he is right. I won't leave the Huo Family, Bob."

"Cindy, do you still love him? Was it worthwhile? He doesn't care about you at all. He was like this five years ago, and so is he now! He was going to get engaged to Emma? Cindy, could you please leave him? Although I'm not strong enough, I'll work hard until I can protect you! "

Bob held her little hand tightly, and his eyes were full of determination and affection.


"Oh, Bob, the bleeding on your face seems to be more serious. If we don't go to the hospital quickly, you will bleed a lot. By the way, where is your car? Don't worry. I'm a good driver. "

Bob paused and looked at his hand in the air, and then at the hurried figure in front of him. She was escaping!

Bob clenched his fists. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he wouldn't give up. He would never change his mind for Cindy!

"It's in the parking lot over there. Cindy, wait for me. "

After that, he caught up with her.

In the dark, Cindy was busy looking for Bob's car. After finding it, she helped him buckle up.

It seemed that everything was normal, but only she knew it. She had already lost the ability to love.

In those five years, she had nothing but her tears at midnight. All she had was the wounds all over her body and mind.

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