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   Chapter 15 Amiable Bob

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'Any previous news?'

Although the smell of this man made her feel disgusted, what he said actually enlightened her.

It was true that what happened on the day she came back caused a sensation, and it was no wonder that it was reported by the media. Perhaps those who scolded her could hold their hands around the Southern City for several circles.

Did Marcus ask someone to delete it?

'Hum, not for me!'

Clenching her teeth, Cindy was a little bit annoyed.

"Ken, you bastard! How dare you bully Cindy! Let her go! "

"Bang -"

This scene happened too fast and too suddenly.

When Cindy came to her senses, she found her own hand was empty.

A knock on the door drew her attention.

Ken was lying on the floor, his forehead bleeding.

"Bang -"

The manager was so frightened that he broke into room No. 1 on the opposite bank. He stood there out of breath.

But when he saw that there was another person in the room besides his boss, his face became even paler.

When he looked at that man who was staring at him coldly, he held his breath.

"What happened? You are so unruly. Don't you want to work here any longer? "

Hearing this, the manager trembled and lowered his head quickly.

He was too anxious to remember that Marcus was here.

'By the way, Mr. Marcus…

The lady outside… '

Thinking of this, the manager felt that things seemed to be more complicated and difficult.

Seeing the manager who looked both worried and timid, the man sitting next to Marcus raised his eyebrows.

"You'd better tell me something important, or today our boss......"

"Boss, Mr. Marcus… They, they are fighting outside... "

The manager swallowed and gestured with his hands.

"Mr. Bob and Mr. Ken fought with each other. No one dared to stop them. Otherwise, the situation would be out of control. Boss, would you please go and take a look? "

"What? Do you mean Bob has a fight with Ken? Wow, when did Bob become so handsome? "

Alex whistled and then laughed happily. It seemed that he had never thought about whether his brother would be hurt or not.

"No, not just a few punches, it's true, it's true, and And... "

The manager stammered and stole a glance at Marcus.

"Miss Cindy is here too!"

"What? Cindy? Do you mean that Did Bob fight for Cindy? "

The man who had been hiding in the darkness frowned, not to mention Alex.

'Ken is the only grandson of Mr. Qin. No matter what, the Qin Family is also a famous and influential family in the Southern City. Ken was always bossy and arrogant, but few people dared to provoke him. My younger brother, who was always nice to others, started to fight.'

Alex took a look at his friend over there. He knew everything.

"You know my brother. He has a crush on Cindy since he was a child. Let me tell you, he will do everything for her, let alone fight for her. Are you sure… Why don't you go to see her? "

Although this was his territory, he would not be able to explain to Mr. Qin if he asked about this.

So it was the best

thing for him to take advantage of Marcus. Besides, it was about Cindy. He didn't believe that this man did not care!

As he spoke, Alex grabbed hold of Marcus's arm and dragged him towards the door of the private room, regardless of whether he was willing or not.

In the center of the hall, there was only a dancing young man with a broken wine bottle. He was standing on the ground in front of Ken, who was about to get up.

The temporary victory did not bring much credit to Bob. On the contrary, Ken's white shirt was stained with a few red spots of blood. There were also several scars on his handsome face.

Even so, his another hand was still holding the woman by his side tightly.

Cindy was a little anxious.

"Bob, please, let me go..."

She didn't expect that when she was about to deal with Ken, Bob would suddenly rushed over.

Besides, he didn't even give her a chance to speak. He just firmly held her hand and protected her beside him.

She understood that he cared about her and protected her well…

Other people might not know, but she and Bob grew up together. It was the first time for him to blush, let alone fight with others. Besides, his fists and feet were not a match for Ken who was well-trained in the field of fighting.

"Cindy, do you know how regretful I was unable to protect you five years ago? Now, I won't let anyone hurt you! I won't let you go. "

Bob looked at Cindy with a determined look in his eyes. He let out a loud laugh when he saw Ken get up again.

"Come on, Ken. I won't leave Cindy to you! "

Ken got up from the ground. He wiped the blood off his face and snorted coldly.

"Aha Well done, you are so bold to make trouble on me! You don't want to let her go, do you? Well, let me tell you, there is no woman in the world that I want to eat but cannot! "

"Come here, my little beauty. Let me love you! "

Then Ken raised his hand and tried to take Cindy from Bob.

"Let go of your claws!"

Bob was furious, grabbing the remaining half bottle of beer in his hand and slamming it on Ken's hand again.

"Bang -"

"Bob, go to hell!"

Ken grimaced in pain and raised his leg to kick Bob.

"Bastard! How dare you bully Bob! "

Ken kicked Bob to the ground. A murderous look flashed in Cindy's eyes.

She moved forward and punched Ken, but he had a knife in his hand.

He rolled over and strangled her shoulder with the blade right on her neck.

Her long hair fluttered as she stopped. A fragrance filled Ken's nose.

"Cindy Ken, come at me if you can. Let go of Cindy! "

Regardless of his injury, Bob struggled to his feet. When he saw that Cindy was held hostage, he rushed over to save her.

Ken sneered.

"Mr. Bob, if you take a step further, I can't guarantee that your Cindy will be disfigured. "

"How dare you!" Bob said with his teeth gritted angrily.

Ken shrugged. The pleasant scent filled his nostrils. He squinted at the pretty, porcelain face in front of him.

"Little beauty, you have completely infuriated me today!"

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