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   Chapter 13 He Is Really Not That Patient

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The gap between them became smaller and smaller. His lips were about to stick to hers.

Suddenly, her face twitched. Her eyelashes trembled with nervousness. She bit her lips and tears welled up in her eyes.

"Now I am No, it's not convenient... "

"I know, but now that the fire has been lit, you should find a way to kill it first, right?"

The man's husky voice and breath went around her ears. His hand held her tighter and tighter. He looked at her affectionately, so that she could only see him.

At the moment, Cindy flinched and wanted to run away.

She bit her lips and teeth hard. Just when she was thinking about how to deal with him later if he dared to do it, she suddenly heard a low laugh.

"What? Scared? Huh Cindy, I thought you were very bold! "

Seeing him smiling and his hands loosening, Cindy was stunned for a second. Did he tease her?

She punched him as hard as she could, but Marcus thought she was tickling him, not angry at all.

"Marcus, you're getting naughty! Get up! "

"Cindy, you should have taken a photo of your facial expression. It's so complicated! "


Cindy's cheeks turned red with anger.

Just now, he was kissing her. She really wanted to think that…

"Well, stop it. You haven't eaten anything the whole day. Let's have dinner first."

Marcus said as he stood up. Then he squatted down, took out her slippers and put them on for her. Then he went to pull her.

"I'm not hungry."

However, Cindy turned her head away.



There was a cry of protest on her belly.

Upon hearing this, the man burst into laughter.

"Shut up! Marcus!"

"Cindy, it seems that you really want to be kicked. Don't call my full name. Call me… Marcus! "

Marcus said as he pulled her into his arms.

"Go away! Don't touch me!"

Don't blame her. She hasn't forgotten how ferocious he was just now.

"Honey, don't be naughty. I'll take you to a good place. You must like it!"

As he spoke, Marcus carried her out of the room.

Therefore, a light flashed across Cindy's eyes.

"Is it the ocean? Is there sea here? "

Seeing her excited look, he gave a meaningful smile.

He knew she liked it!


The sound was full of eardrums, including the sparkling stars on the golden beach, the blue sky and the sea, which were one inseparable.

Stepping on the soft beach, Cindy was unprecedentedly peaceful.

For a second, a crazy idea flashed through her mind.

If only their relationship could go on like this!

"Cindy, what are you doing? Come over now! "

Marcus's voice came from a distance. She turned around and saw the handsome face smiling at her.

He waved to her.

"Come here. The dinner is ready."


Cindy took a deep breath.

It was still an extravagant hope. How could she forget that she had so many things to do?

She raised her head and stretched her five fingers to block her forehead, letting the sunlight between her fingers pour down from her head.

If everything could be smooth and if he was not as bad as she thought, then she…


The man's voice sounded again. Cindy shook her head and drove away her messy thoughts.


The restaurant was fully transparent. Sitting here, she could not only taste the delicious food, but also see the beautiful scenery outside.

Candlesticks and Platycodon gradiflorus were placed on the white table. Besides seafood, her favorite food was also served.

And the transparent glass under her feet also made the sound of water flowing gently.

The pebbles were placed on the cobblestones and looked like precious stones.

'What a low-key and impenetrable design! I think only Marcus can think of it, ' she thought.


, do you like it?"

"Where the hell is this place?"

From what she saw when she woke up, from the whole picture of Platycodon gradiflorus and the servants who walked in a line downstairs and called her "Miss Cindy" in one go, now to this romantic beach, and even the restaurant, all were up to her wills.

"The Cindy garden!"

Marcus said and sat beside her.

She was shocked when she heard the name. Then he smirked and asked deliberately.

"What? Don't you like it? "

"Why did you do that?"

That was the name she once named for their future home.

She drew an amazing portrait, piously and sincerely.

But he had ruined everything.

Hearing her words, Marcus pursed his lips into a thin smile. He took a bottle of wine from the table beside him, opened it, and filled the glass with wine for her and himself.

"I won't drink it unless… Answer my question. Marcus Huo, what's the point of doing all this? Or… What do you want? "

She lost everything five years ago!

Wasn't it too late to show her all these now?

Besides, he didn't love her, did he?


Instead of answering her question, he corrected her.

Hearing this, Cindy looked at the table full of delicious food and suddenly lost her appetite.

"Don't even think about it! I won't tell you anything about that man. "

People around her were all scared away. But it made Marcus's heart ache.

"I just want to take you here to have a look. Since you don't want to talk about it, I won't ask again. Focus on your meal! If you don't want to drink, then don't. "

After that, Marcus took the glass of wine that he had poured for her, raised his head and gulped it down.

Cindy cast a skeptical look at him. To make herself full, she took her chopsticks.

A pretty face was particularly eye-catching among the flowers.

Especially when she looked at those Platycodon gradiflorus, the smile on her face made the man who had been watching her not far away smile unconsciously.

"Master, there has been no news from Miss Cindy for several days. Next..."

Seeing the smile on his master's face, Maurice, who was following beside, wanted to say something but hesitated.

"Did she see it?"

Marcus said in an indifferent tone, without withdrawing his gaze from her.

Maurice nodded.

"Everything was done as you ordered. I didn't do it on purpose. It won't arouse Miss Cindy's suspicion. "

"Okay, tell them to get ready right now."

"Master, do you mean Miss Cindy will be here today? "

Marcus didn't reply, but his eyes that looked into the distance became deeper and deeper.

He can conquer the whole world, but can't conquer her straightly! '.

So he had to find a trap and waited for her to jump in willingly.

He had always comforted himself that although she was still young and scared, he was really not so patient as to wait.

Besides, he had waited long enough!

"Let's go!"

Marcus cast another glance at that figure and left.

Maurice also followed.

Cindy didn't stand up from the sea of flowers until she was sure that the two men had left.

The smile that was overflowing on her face gradually disappeared, and was replaced by a complicated look.

After so many days, she had already memorized everything here, including when Marcus went out and came back every day.

And now, it was time for her to go out!

Without any efforts, she avoided their stares and went straight to Marcus's study.

After confirming that no one followed her, she locked the door from the inside.

His desk, bookshelf And she searched carefully for what she wanted.

Finally, her eyes fell on the safe in the cabinet.

Taking a deep breath and holding her breath, she stretched out her hands slowly…

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