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   Chapter 12 A Gentle Feeling Is Unreal

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It was already afternoon when Cindy woke up. Like yesterday, she slept soundly and peacefully. She had never been like this for five years.

She rolled her eyes and got up quickly to see if there was a murder.

When the clean bed sheet came into view, she breathed a long sigh of relief. She patted her chest. Fortunately, she was fine!


The instant she realized what had happened, her face turned pale. Because she had clearly felt something wrong with her body.

Her eyes moved down slowly.

At this time, she really wanted to dig a hole in the ground to drill in.

She didn't expect that man… 'That man…'

Cindy knocked her own head ruefully and murmured.

'How could you sleep like a log? 'You're such a fool!

How come your intelligence quotient became worse after you came back!'

After a moment of regret and remorse, Cindy finally calmed down.

Looking around, she widened her eyes.

'Where am I now?

Neither the Huo Family's old house nor the apartment.'

The decoration and design of the whole room were like a palace in fairy tales.

Most importantly, the layout of this room was exactly the same as the one she had painted for Marcus!

The romantic pink purple, white column, and crystal lamp inlaid with golden brims on the roof.

The floor was as bright as a mirror, the luxurious bed, and even the patterns on the side of the dresser were carved exactly the same as what she had painted, which was her favorite flower, platycodon gradiflorus.

French windows were large, and the warm sunshine in the afternoon came in. They were full of happiness.

Cindy got out of the bed in bare feet.

When she walked to the French windows, she was once again shocked by the scene she saw.

A large area of Platycodon gradiflorus was blown off layers of water blue by the gentle wind.

Looking sideways, next to here, there was a group of snow-white buildings, beautifully furnished and magnificent.


Where am I? '

The scent was salty.


Is there sea around here?

She ran to the door as soon as her eyes lit up.

As soon as she opened the door, she bumped into someone.

She looked up and saw the man's handsome face.


At the thought of that he had seen her awkward situation, especially under such a circumstance, her face got hot again. She looked away immediately.

"Are you awake?"

Marcus's low voice came from the top of her head.

"Yes." She answered in a low voice.

"Are you hungry? Come downstairs and have dinner. "

As she kept nodding her head, he suddenly leaned forward and enveloped her in an instant, with a warning in his thin lips.

"Where are your shoes? Why don't you wear them? Don't you know you are in a special period and can't catch cold? "

He held her up before she could answer.

Looking at her two small and cute feet on the ground, Marcus furrowed his eyebrows tightly.

"It's not cold here. Besides, it's summer now. Hey, what are you going to do? "

At the sight of that young man hugging her towards the bed, Cindy yelled angrily.

"How dare you contradict me?"

Marcus glared at her with anger.

"If you talk back again, I'll kick your ass!"

He pretended to threaten her. After taking her back to the bed and putting her down gently, he reached out his big hands to wrap her two little feet.

Staring at the man in front of her, Cindy was moved by the coldness from hi

s words.

Her heart pounded.

"Marcus… Marcus... "

Her unconsciously whispering also made the man covering her feet tremble. The previous anger on his handsome face turned into tenderness at this moment.

He gazed deeply into her eyes.

"Five years have passed, but you still don't learn to be obedient."

Hearing his words, Cindy came to her senses. She tried to get her feet out of his hands, but he was holding her tighter.

"What are you doing? Let go of me! I need to put on my shoes! "

No matter how many times she had implied in her heart that she could never fall in love with this man again before she came back, she still lost her manner just now.

She raised her voice on purpose, trying to cover up her previous palpitation.

However, what Marcus was thinking was not the case.

He looked at her feet and frowned, wondering why her feet were still so cold after being covered for a long time.

So he finally unbuttoned his shirt and put her foot against his chest.


At that moment, not only was Cindy really scared, but also she could clearly feel the young man's strong chest and strong heartbeat.

"Don't move if you don't want your ass to be hurt!"

He grabbed her feet hard that tried to leave. At the same time, he looked up at her with a serious look.

But Cindy didn't move, nor utter a word.

It was not because of his threat, but because her throat suddenly became dry. She was afraid that she would reveal the secret in her heart accidentally when she spoke.

She saw him kneeling on one knee and carefully covering her feet.

This scene was gradually integrated with the person who once cared for her so much.

She couldn't help thinking in her heart.

Five years ago, he had suddenly declared that he was going to be engaged to someone else; if she had trusted him at that time! If there hadn't been that explosion…

They… What would happen?

Would he marry her as promised?

He was so gentle to her now, which made her feel unreal. He was so mean to her at the engagement party yesterday.

Marcus's masculine voice rang as he looked at the woman in front of him, who was furrowing her eyebrows and now looked relaxed.

"What are you thinking about?"

"What? I didn't. "

Thinking of the possibility that he might marry her just now, Cindy blushed with shame.

Marcus raised his eyebrows.

"You didn't? Why is your face so red? "

Suddenly, he stood up and approached her with a handsome face.

Cindy wanted to dodge, but her feet were still held in his hands. She lost her balance and fell backwards.

She fell onto the bed and moved forward along with Marcus…

And the current state…

Cindy looked at Marcus with her eyes wide open, and he stared at her too. They went blank for a moment.

When she saw his gaze, Cindy blushed and tried to push him away.

A hint of disappointment flashed in Marcus's eyes, but he held her tighter.

"Why did you push me away? Isn't this what you want? Huh? "

His breath sprayed on her face, making her face turn red. He was right. Approaching him and kicking Emma away was one of her goals.


Such a play wasn't acting as she had expected.

He seemed to be the one in charge of the whole situation.

It was not a good feeling!

The man's eyes flashed a strange light. He suddenly lifted up her slender back with his hand and approached her with his handsome face.

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