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   Chapter 10 She Must Have Saved The Whole Universe In Her Previous Life

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"Master, it's going too far for Tom. The tumor must be removed! "

Maurice said angrily, because his master was about to shoot at him because of Tom's words.

"I can't do that now. All my previous efforts will be wasted if I hurt him."

The man's hands holding temples suddenly stopped, and his black pupils slowly opened, and his face was clouded.

He looked at Maurice who was still full of anger.

"You like Cindy?"


Maurice suddenly raised his head, and his mouth was wide open.

He really wanted to stab Tom a few times.

"Master, I..."

"If you dare to keep an eye on her, I'll tear you apart!"

Hearing this, Maurice was unable to give a convincing explanation.

"Ling -"

All of a sudden, his phone rang. With a hint from Marcus, Maurice seemed to have grasped a life-saving straw and answered the phone in a hurry.

As he expected, the news relieved him at once.

Marcus's heart began to race.

"What do you think?"

"Master, we got news. It was a false alarm! "

Maurice said, secretly sighing with relief.

If he failed to protect Miss Cindy, he would rather die ten thousand times.

"Is she really all right?"

Marcus asked again. He was still worried.

"Yes, I just received the information that the police has arrested the hooligans there. Miss Cindy should be safe. "

Marcus warned, his eyes sharp like eagle's.

"What about her? Where is she now? Or… Didn't you find her? "

Maurice paused and frowned.

"It seems that… We didn't. "

He said honestly.

Just then, a wind came.

By the time Maurice reached out his hand but got nothing.

"I'll go first. You and your men follow me. One more thing, watch Tom! "

"Yes, sir!"

Looking at the receding figure, Maurice clenched his fists.

He hoped Miss Cindy would not misunderstand his master this time!

"Damn it! Where am I? How can I get out? "

Standing in the dense grass and looking at the thorns around, Cindy really wanted to roar out to vent her resentment.

She irritably tugged her dress and saw the bloodstains on her arms and shins. She felt remorseful.

'I shouldn't have told them that I can leave alone.

Although she was much more capable than she had been during the past five years, she hadn't made any progress in her road stupidity!

In fact, she had underestimated those gangsters. But luckily, the person who had saved her came in time.

And she, in order to prove to the master in Italy that she could return to the Southern City by herself, deliberately separated with them.

At first she didn't think there was a problem, but when she walked, she felt something wrong.

She seemed to It seemed that She really got lost.

She had been through a lot. However, facing the sharp thorns around her and the path in different directions, she lost the battle!

Cindy muttered as she went forward, waving the weeds around her.

She was tired physically and mentally, thirsty and hungry.

What's worse, she didn't know how long she would have to get out of here!

Suddenly, there was a sound coming from not far away.

She stopped and listened carefully.

Small sounds of streaming water were heard, which made Cindy ecstatic.

She threw down the thorns in her hand and ran away excitedly.

She used so much strength that she couldn't stop it, and fell awkwardly to the ground.

With the bruises on her body, she gasped in pain.

How unlucky!

"Woman! Come here! "

The man's low voice suddenly pierced into her ears, with no doubt of domination.

Cindy lying on the ground was surprised and then looked up subconsciously.

Then she saw his face.

Her expression changed. Since she was a little girl, he always met her when she was in a difficult position.

In the sun, the man shined brightly, in a sharp contrast to her awkwardness.

His lips were slightly hooked, and his deep eyes were half narrowed, revealing a dim light, like a whirlpool.

Hearing this, Cindy's face turned aside. She bit her lower lip and dared not to look at him again.

But even so, she could still feel his breath was slowly approaching her. His hot sight was almost going to see a hole in her body.

Finally, the shiny leather shoes stopped in front of her eyes.

"What? Do you want to stay on the ground all the time? "

His voice seemed to be bewitching, making her raise her head subconsciously.

Out of the blue, she reached out her hand slowly.

Her fingertips gently touched his palms.

The evildoer!

When Cindy was about to pull her hand back, it was too late.

Her little hand was wrapped by his big palm and she was pulled away.

A suit was on her shoulder, but she didn't want to thank him.

Seeing that she was going to take off his suit, the man didn't seem to be angry. He just held her small hand tightly and said again in a hoarse voice.

"You're injured. Don't move. Be good!"

Cindy murmured, lowering her head.

"You don't have to pretend to be kind!"


The man's pupils suddenly tightened. This damned woman. Did she know how anxious and worried he was?

In the past five years, he had lost contact with her. He had been tossing and turning for almost every night. Only sleeping pills could make him get through the hard time.

It was not easy to see her again. In order to pretend to be calm, he had put much effort, which she did not know!

As for her, she was just a cool and noble girl.

As Marcus let out a loud cry, a gentle breeze brushed the grass around them. After a while, the atmosphere between the two became extremely weird.

He didn't move his hand which was holding hers. He just looked at her quietly, with a few thoughts in his eyes. Nobody could understand what he was thinking about.

Cindy coughed, trying to break the silence.

But when she looked up, she saw his bright eyes, just like clear water flowing in water, and a piece of gentility floated in her heart.

The look in his eyes and the way he looked at her gave her an illusion that they had been back to their youth.

No matter how cold and harsh he was to others, he had always been gentle and considerate to her.

He accompanied her from her favorite clothes to her favorite dolls to the mall one by one, regardless of others' opinions.

He would make chocolate for her himself; he would peel shrimps for her. When she was tired, he would carry her all the way home.

It could be said that they had been together since she was born.

Although he was only six years older than her, in her impression, he seemed to know everything.

He would cut her nails and braid her adorable braids.

He used to bathe her before she was twelve years old. Until one time, he helped her take a shower and suddenly ran away, without knowing why.

Then he didn't enter her bathroom again and moved her bed from his bed to another private bedroom.

Later, she got to know what love was and felt lucky that he liked her.

He had told her that he would marry her and he would put the most beautiful wedding dress on her.

At that time, she thought he was her God. She must have saved the whole universe in her previous life, so the God brought such a good man to her side.

He would caress her long hair and call her honey. He would say gently and overbearingly that she could only be his!


He seemed to feel her emotion change before she pushed him away. Marcus reached out to grab her waist and took her in his arms.

Then he lowered his head and kiss her fiercely.

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