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   Chapter 9 He Had A Weak Spot

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"Ten times!"

The moment the man on the other end of the line stopped talking, Emma spoke more loudly immediately.

"What? How can you demand such an exorbitant price? tenfold? Why don't you just rob the bank! "

"Miss Emma, you can't say that. If you really don't have money, we… We have no choice but to think about the other lady's suggestion. "

"No way!"

Emma compromised without hesitation.

She tightened her grip on the phone and her eyes flashed with coldness.

"Well, I promise you. Ten times. However It is not the previously agreed condition. I will raise it! I want that woman… She will disappear in this world forever! Besides, the process should not be too smooth for her. It would be better if she could not survive, or die! Of course, if you are interested, you can have some fun. If you make a short video, you can also earn some money. Isn't it better? "

Emma said, with a malicious expression on her face.

'Do you think you can take everything away from me, Cindy?

No way!

I will make you die more miserably! '


Without any hesitation, the man on the other side of the phone said readily.

"Master, I didn't expect Miss Cindy to take the initiative to go with those kidnappers. It's too..."

Maurice wanted to say more, but looking at his master's increasingly gloomy face, he shut his mouth and carefully looked at him.

They had watched all the videos just now. While admiring Cindy's reckless and brave heart, Maurice thought that she was the best match for his master.

Whereas, Emma, who was malicious, had nothing else.

"Master… Don't worry. I'm going to get Miss Cindy back right now. I'll go first. I'll let them inform me as soon as they get the information. "

Maurice thought his words and comfort vanished into thin air. Only when Miss Cindy was brought to his master would he feel at ease.

Only in this way could he feel a little better.

However, after he finished, Marcus stopped him with a gesture.

"Hush… Someone is here! "

When Marcus returned to his seat, he threw the phone, which had been playing the video, into the drawer.

Maurice returned to his place and bowed his head. It seemed he had done something wrong.

"Master… I, I heard from people who were spying on Cindy that she was missing! "

The office door was pushed open with a bang.

The voice was so loud that even Marcus frowned.

He looked at the man standing in front of him, who was tall and thick, and who was so arrogant and resentful that he completely ignored him. There was even more coldness in Marcus's eyes.

"So what? Do you want to take her back? "

"Master, it's a piece of cake to bring her back. We have to lock her up. That woman hasn't come back for five years. She must have come back at this time with ulterior motive. "

"Master, I'm afraid that she might get the goods on us!"

"Master, that woman is a scourge. She..."

"Tom! Pay attention to your manner of speaking. It's none of your business! "

Maurice snapped coldly.

The man who was called Tom paused when he heard what Maurice had said. The thing that happened back then was a taboo.

"But this time she appears in the Southern City. It is very dangerous! He not only destroyed master

's wedding, but also if she... "

"Enough! Tom, are you here to remind me of this? I've already known about it and I'll look after it myself. If there's nothing else, please leave. "

Marcus tried his best to control his anger.

"But if we just let go of that woman like that, we will have endless trouble!"

Tom shouted at Marcus. There was still unwillingness on his face.

"Tom, didn't you hear what master said?"

While Maurice was speaking, he quickly moved to Tom, stopping him from looking at Marcus.

"Hey, Maurice. The master sent you to spy on that woman. Did you… Did you let her go on purpose? Do you take a fancy to that bitch? "

Tom glared at Maurice with anger.

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

Maurice denied straightforwardly.

Then he turned around to check his master.

The chilly air emanated from the master was soaring at a crazy speed, and there was a trace of scarlet in his eyes. That was why Maurice stood up with cold hair.

He waved his hands and begged again and again.

"No, master. I didn't..."

"Bang -"

Marcus thumped on the desk, making the coffee cup shake.

Maurice was scared with his legs trembling.

"Master, I really didn't..."

He was on the verge of tears.

"I have to save Cindy! If anything happens to her and those people find out, we have to be responsible for it. "

Marcus suddenly said, glaring at Maurice. Then he turned to look at Tom and stated solemnly.

"So what? Even if we kill Cindy, what can those people do to us? She deserved more than death! Her elder brother Andy fell from such a high place and was shot by you. I'm sure he has been dead. How many waves could his former subordinates make? Did they want Cindy to be their leader? Humph, that's a joke! "

Tom clenched his teeth and said angrily. He didn't see the man whose eyes were filled with anger after he said the first sentence.

"Since you've told me that she's just a woman, she won't pose a threat to me if she survives. Have you seen Andy's body? Are you sure that he has been dead? Could it be said that he could never rise from the east? "

The man's cold voice pierced like a sharp sword.

"It's I He would be disabled even if he couldn't die. A loser could... "

Finally, Tom noticed that Marcus was rushing over with a dangerous aura. There was a smile on his lips. And his eyes were extremely cold.

Tom suddenly came back to his senses and quickly swallowed the words on the tip of his tongue.

Marcus slightly hid his anger. "Cindy is the most important weakness of her brother. As long as she is under control, Andy will be under great control even if he has to rise from a height. Well, I'll look after it. You can go now! "

Then Marcus waved his hand, gesturing him to go out.

"Yes, sir."

Although Tom was reluctant, he still dared not to be disobedient in front of Marcus.

It was not until the footsteps outside the office faded away that Marcus closed his eyes in tiredness. Leaning against the back of the chair, he put his hand on his forehead and pressed his temple.

He had just said that Andy's Achilles' heel was Cindy, and so was he!

Even when he came across anything related to her, he would always feel upset and lost his sense.

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