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   Chapter 8 Marcus Would Kick Her Ass When Finding Her

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Confused, Maurice looked at his master and felt the expression on his face was quite strange.

"We haven't seen each other for five years and she is really a capable woman. If I'm not mistaken, she has learned KungFu, and her fighting skills are not bad. "

After a long pause, Marcus murmured.

"What? What did you say? Miss Cindy knows KungFu? Then, how could she The gang would not catch her easily. "

Maurice was even more confused. He had watched the surveillance video several times before. Apparently, Miss Cindy had been taken away by those men.

When he, by the corners of his eyes, saw his master's tensed handsome face, he thumped his head.

"Master, do you think Miss Cindy was caught on purpose?"

That was a huge blow to Maurice.

Marcus didn't answer him because it was not clear whether she did it on purpose or not. But a judge could be made according to her expression and the movement of her hands when she was tied.

There was no doubt that if she wanted to escape at that time, she was definitely able to.

Besides, there were his people around. As long as there was a little noise, it would attract the attention.

"Do you have any other videos? I want all the videos there. "

The thought that she had taken the initiative to go with those men drove him mad.

How dare she! Did she take it as shopping?

When he found her, he would have to spank her!

"Oh, here is one, but without sound."

The guilty look on Maurice's face was even deeper.

"Open it!"

He could guess from their mouthshape.

Marcus was so angry that he clenched his fists and glared at Maurice.

On the other side, in a remote house by the seaside in the Southern City, Cindy was sitting on a chair with her hands tied behind her back tightly. Although her eyes were covered with black cloth, she didn't make any noise and sat there quietly.

"Hey? She is really brave. She looked so calm when the knife was just stuck on her neck. But I'm not sure if she can keep calm later. "

The man, who had held her so tightly with a knife, said that and then walked towards her, when seeing Cindy was not so afraid as they thought. Then, he saw Cindy's beautiful body, and his eyes were full of lust.

"Who paid to kill me? A high price? How much? "

Though she couldn't see that man's face, but his voice made her sick.

"Noble, why do you talk so much with her? We just want to get the money. Don't forget what Eric told us before. We just stay here and wait for Eric to come back. Then we can get the money. As for other things, we had better tell and do as little as possible. If we leave any evidence, we'll all be in trouble. "

The other man advised hurriedly, as he saw that Noble seemed to be about to attack. He then advised immediately.

"Ellison, you are so coward. In my opinion, a woman like her should be given a good lesson. Let me deal with her! "

A male voice sounded from behind.

Then she felt a gust of wind, and a heavy arm was put on her shoulder.

"Aha How much did she pay you? I'll make you double what she has given you! Or even more? What do you think? Would you like to think about it? "

Although she had stayed in Italy for five years and had been accustomed to a lot of blood, there was still a weakness and softness in her bones.

She would try her best not to kill them.

Another thing, she wanted to know whether the woman who hired them was the same as she thought.

Since they did it for money, she might as well give it a try.

"How about this! No matter how much that person gives yo

u, I will give you four times more. What do you think? "

"Four times! Four times! Richard, Noble? "

One of the guys was shocked with his mouth wide open.

After all, that woman had given them a large amount of money. If she was willing to give them four times the money…

The other people also looked eagerly at the two men standing there.

Richard and Noble looked at each other, and then Richard, who was supposed to put his hand on Cindy's shoulder, suddenly lifted up and pinched her neck, ghastly.

"Woman, do you want us to play betrayal game? That woman is right. You are a tough character. "

How could they not be tempted?

But just as the two men exchanged glances, they had other plans.

Upon hearing this, Cindy took a deep breath. Although the man was strangling her, he didn't use much strength. What he really meant was clear.

"I didn't expect your employer to be so attentive and know me so well!"

"Well, woman, I advise you not to be so garrulous. Maybe… You still have a chance of survival. Otherwise... "

Noble's eyes twinkled with hope.

He thought no matter how bold she was, she was still a delicate woman.

So at that moment, they thought of a better way to maximize the benefits.

He turned to one of his men and shouted.

"Come here and watch her closely!"

Hearing the order, the other young men were confused.

Why didn't they continue to negotiate with this woman? After all, she offered the best conditions!

However, the response from Cindy was only a smile without saying anything.

In the Luo Family's villa.

When Emma was in sleep, the phone rang.

She opened her eyes slowly and glanced at the cellphone on the short cabinet unwillingly.

But her phone kept ringing.

She stretched her hand lazily. When she saw the name on the screen, her sleepiness disappeared.

All of a sudden, she sat up in bed and slid to the answering button.

"Yes, it's me. You've made it? "

"The woman is already in our hands, but..."

Noble, on the other end of the line, said deliberately hesitantly.

"Just what? Come on! Tell me! I'm so worried! "

The man smiled and continued, "well, that's good.".

"But she said she would pay us six times the price as long as we let her go!"

"As you know, such a generous amount of money is really hard for us to swallow."

The man said in a calm tone and looked at Cindy who was still sitting quietly in the room. He was lost in thought.

"What did you say? She will give you six times as much as she does! No, you couldn't let her go! Don't listen to her. I, I will give you extra money. Seven times, seven times! "

She was so excited when she heard they caught her.

But when she heard that, her heart almost jumped out. She didn't expect that Cindy had the leisure to bargain with the kidnapper.

She was a cunning and hateful woman!

"Seven times? Please, my lady. Do you take us for fools? She would pay six times to buy her freedom, but you just pay a little more to put us into jail. If you were her, which one do you think is worth it? "

The man sneered in a low voice.

Emma took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

"Then how much do you want? You know that I only have this many things at hand. I don't have any more. "

"Haha… Miss, don't make fun of me. You have a rich fiance, and the money we want is nothing to him. If you act like a spoiled child in front of him, he can accept that easily. "

The man on the other side of the phone grinned evilly.

Now he could eat a lot.

Emma gritted her teeth.

"How much?"

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