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   Chapter 7 The Sharp Dagger Was Placed On Her Neck

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After hesitating for a while, Maurice whispered to his young master with his head down.

"Master, shall we all hide first?"

Marcus had waited for this woman for five years. The lovesickness was evident.

Besides, others didn't know about it, but Maurice didn't?

His master had been waiting for Miss Cindy to grow up for many years!

He wanted to solve the private problems after they left.

However, Maurice didn't hear any reply.

He cleared his throat, scratched his head and seemed to understand something.

It was impossible for the master to treat Miss Cindy like that under the circumstance.

"Or how about that? You do it by yourself? "

"But master, you will… It's not good for your health! "

It seemed that he didn't notice the man over there at all. He added his words unexpectedly since he was not afraid to die after his first sentence.

Marcus looked at him with his icy eyes.

"Submit the cooperation plan with the Chu Group to me tomorrow morning."

"What? But yesterday you said that you wouldn't be back until next week... "

Maurice said, and it took him a while to react.

OK! He was just asking for trouble.

Although he didn't dare to say anything, his eyes were attracted by Cindy.

Marcus, who was in charge of the economic lifeline of the whole Southern City and could make the city quiver with just one single finger, was really able to hold on!

The next day, the sun had already risen when Cindy waked up.

She almost got up the first time when she was sober.

Last night…

It was Marcus!

When her memory came back, she immediately raised her hand to touch her throat.

What did the man feed her?

In fact, she didn't feel anything uncomfortable.

Her beautiful eyelashes quivered slightly, and a cold light flashed through her black eyes.

She lowered her head suddenly and found she did not wear a full dress anymore. She was wearing a housecoat which was very comfortable and clean.

There was nothing wrong with her body, but she felt much more relaxed after a sleep.


Cindy let out a sigh of relief. It seemed that the man didn't do anything to her last night.

But when she thought of it, she felt relieved and a little uncomfortable.

It seemed that he was not interested in her at all!

She looked around and found it wasn't Marcus's place.

She lifted the quilt and got out of bed to check it carefully.

She had thought it was just an ordinary apartment.

But after careful observation, she found that as long as she walked out of the bedroom, her every move would be monitored.

The front door couldn't be opened.

What did he mean?

He threw her here and monitored her.

Unable to read his mind, Cindy sat on the bed again and stared blankly out of the window.

She was confused.

Although she was very clear about what she was going to do next, it was difficult for her to hold back her real thought when she saw him again.

She thought after what happened five years ago, they would become two parallel lines that were mutually independent.

He hugged his prosperity while she remained the plain.

Things were getting out of control.

After thinking it over, she decided to leave.

Although there were monitors and many traps here, she had suffered a lot in Italy for the past five years!

When Cindy finally let go of the rope and put her feet on the ground, she knew that she ha

d succeeded.

After taking a deep breath, she looked up at the last glance at the window and turned around, intending to leave.

But she had only taken a few steps when a sharp dagger was already placed on her neck.

Her first reaction was Marcus's man. A murderous look flashed across her cold eyes.

"Woman, I advise you not to move. My knife is sharp. If I scratch your beautiful face, don't blame me for being ruthless! "

"Wow, what a beauty! No wonder the price is so high!"

The man holding the dagger looked at her up and down with his creepy eyes while he was holding the knife against her head.

Hearing those disgusting words, Cindy knew that he was not Marcus's man.

At least they didn't dare to do this to her openly!

Besides, she had learnt from someone else that she had been in trouble with someone. That was why he had spent money to kill her!

An innocent and seemingly pitiful face flashed through Cindy's mind.

Except her, she couldn't think of anyone else who could make such a move in such a hurry.


Cindy's mouth twisted in a contemptuous sneer. She wanted her to die? But how could her life be so cheap?

In the Huo Group.

"Master, something is wrong."

In a panic, Maurice broke into Marcus' office without even knocking at the door.

"What are you talking about? "

The tired man in front of the computer looked obviously more displeased.

"Miss Cindy was caught!"

Marcus, who was worried too much, took off a pile of documents from his desk with a loud clatter.

"What did you say?"

Ignoring the mess on the ground, Marcus's heart clenched.

His hands and feet were so stiff that they could not move for a long time.

The panic that he was about to lose someone arose again from five years ago.

"Isn't she in the apartment? How could she be caught? What the hell are you doing? "

Marcus rushed up and grabbed Maurice's collar. His handsome face became hideous. There was coldness in his black eyes.

He almost wanted to punch him, but he controlled it with his teeth.

"Master, I'm sorry! It was all my fault. I didn't protect her well! I lost Miss Cindy again. I won't complain no matter how you punish me. "

Maurice said in a hoarse voice. He bowed his head with deep guilt in his eyes.

His mistake led to Miss Cindy's misunderstanding about his master five years ago.

And now…


Marcus seemed to have regained his reason. He snorted coldly and let go of Maurice.

"Who kidnapped her? Do you have any clue? Where is the surveillance video? "

"Yes, the video is here."

Maurice then played a surveillance video on his phone.

"Master, our men have found out that these people are a group of hooligans. They didn't seem to have done any major case before. They were all just fighting. But I don't understand why they kidnapped her. Is it for ransom? "

Marcus fixed his sharp eyes on the screen. When he saw that Cindy's hands were tied, he wished he could tear them up with his own hands.

"Wait, stop, and enlarge this place."

Suddenly, he seemed to find something, pointing to the screen quickly.

Without hesitation, Maurice pressed the pause button and enlarged the place.

But he looked around and did not find anything unusual.

But Marcus didn't say anything. He just stared at his phone, frowning as if he was thinking about something.

Suddenly, his eyes were slowly filled with disbelief.

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