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   Chapter 5 Became A Joke

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"No, I didn't! What you said has nothing to do with me. What am I afraid of? Now that you have proved your innocence, you should cherish the current situation more, shouldn't you? "

Emma was not a brainless person. Moreover, she deeply felt a ray of cold light coming from above her head.

She was so nervous just now that she almost panicked.

There was no evidence. She didn't believe that Cindy could find out more!

She had nothing to fear!

"Yeah, I should cherish what I have now, and take back everything that should belong to me!"

Hearing this, Cindy smiled and looked at Marcus with her big beautiful eyes.


Marcus took a deep breath and called her name. His face turned cold as well.

Even though he had arranged his men here before, he still sensed something unusual.

In order to keep her safety and avoid following the tragedy five years ago, he had to drive her away from here, at least temporarily.

"Don't be so ungrateful! If you don't get out of here, I'll teach you a lesson! "

Hearing Marcus' shouting, Cindy pinched her own palms to come to her senses.

She should have expected this result.

Even if she appeared again, it wouldn't change much.

But as long as there was a glimmer of hope, she would not give up.

She looked at the emerald ring in Marcus's hand and raised her chin.

"I can leave, but you have to return the ring! Grandma put the ring on my finger! "

Hearing this, Emma became panicked. Cindy's ring was indeed put on by Mrs. Huo who was dead.

But she couldn't take it away from her. It belonged to her!

Emma wanted to take the ring away from Marcus.

But Cindy caught up with her.

However, before long, her smile disappeared from her face and her slender wrist was held tightly by the man.

So painful!

Did he want to break her hand?

He frowned and glared at her.

Realizing her struggle, Marcus tightened his grip on her wrist.

Not to be outdone, Cindy got rid of her.

Silence, confrontation…

She was unyielding, seeing his bright black eyes.

'Control myself. Control myself again…'

Finally, the bad atmosphere enveloped her disappeared.

Regaining her freedom, Cindy felt like her bones were going to break.


Seeing that Cindy took the ring, Emma was about to lose her temper, but she reacted in an instant.

She didn't want to do anything in front of Marcus and other people. It would only make her look petty.

"It's just a ring. It can't change anything."

Since the man beside her had given his order, it was even harder for her to say anything.

She could do nothing but saw Cindy pass her and then look affectionately at the man's handsome face.

"I know. As long as you have me in your heart, I don't care about anything."

"Come on! How could you be so shameless to steal your sister's husband? "

"He has abandoned her five years ago."

The crowd began to gossip again.

Hearing their mean words and looking at the affectionate couple over there, Cindy was short of breath.

It seemed that the scene five years ago when the fire broke out came into her mind again.

She felt a dull headache.

She shook her head hardly. She couldn't think about it.

She forced herself to calm down. Only when her nails were deeply stuck into her flesh did the pain make her a little soberer.

She straightened her back, slowly lifted the hemline of her dress and walked down the re

d carpet.

Even if she lost, she had to smile gracefully.

Marcus watched the figure in the red get farther and farther away from him, and until she completely disappeared, he didn't withdraw his gaze. Instead, his eyes became deeper.

After Cindy left, the banquet hall returned to peace.

But the guests didn't know what to do.

Was the ceremony still going on?

The embarrassed host looked around and finally got up the courage.

"Marcus, is your wedding going to be held as usual?"

But before he could finish his words, Marcus interrupted him.

His eyes darkened and his lips compressed. He walked around Emma, walked to the emcee and took the microphone from his hand.

"Thank you all for attending my wedding in your midst of your pressing affairs. And I also apologize to you for what happened today. The Huo Family will be responsible for all the expenses. And your gift money will be returned twice or more."

His simple words stirred up quite an uproar, especially from Emma.

Her enthusiasm now was replaced by only embarrassment.

She reached out to grab his hand, but he dodged it easily.

"Marcus..." Emma cried.

She had never thought that her grand wedding would be gone like this.

What a joke!

"I have something else to do. Let me send you home and have a rest first."

Marcus didn't even look at Emma, let alone caring about her mood.

Before she could answer, he had walked out of the banquet hall.

As soon as Marcus left, a group of his men followed him immediately.


"Check the entry records and see when and where she came in."

"Yes, sir!"

The gentle moonlight was shining on the sea surface like tiny silver glowing with stars.

Standing on the deck, Cindy slightly raised her head, her long hair dancing with the wind.

It felt good to be blown in the wind. At least, it temporarily dispelled the negative emotions in her brain.

Perhaps because she was too focused, she did not notice that someone was staring at her from behind.

Marcus was standing not far away from her.

He could clearly see her side face, her small ears, and her red lips.

Suddenly, a wave hit the cruiser. The cruiser shook violently and then Cindy opened her eyes.

She wanted to react, but she lost her balance. She almost thought she was going to fly out.

But she fell into a strong and sexy chest.

The familiar and strange smell went straight to her nose. She suddenly raised her head and met the man's handsome face.

Her heart suddenly stopped.

"Let, let me go..."

When she realized what had happened, she gave the man a hard push.

"What? Are you sure? "

Then the man answered in a low and deep voice, which sounded a little lazy and was full of indifference. Instead of being cold and harsh as before, his voice had become quite gentle and charming at the moment.

Only then did Cindy find that the yacht was still shaking.

Biting her own lips, she didn't say anything more. She just let him hold her. When the wind slowly calmed down, she pushed him away.

The temperature in his arms suddenly disappeared, and the man frowned unhappily.

"What? You cried to ask me to marry you just now. Now that I'm here, shouldn't you be more eager to hug me? What the hell was that? Playing hard to get? "


Before Cindy could respond, she felt a numbness in her waist and then rotated. She had been pressed against his chest again.

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