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   Chapter 4 Will You Marry Me

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"Oh my God… Marcus, help me... "

The sudden move of Cindy scared the crap out of Emma. She didn't dare to move and looked at Marcus with pitiful eyes.

There was a flash of surprise in Marcus' eyes, but it quickly disappeared.

His face fell. It was not because she pointed the gun at Emma, but because he was afraid that she would be injured.

Where had she been in the past five years? Who was she with?

How could she use such a dangerous thing?

"Put down your gun!"

He was horribly angry. He tried his best to suppress the excitement when he saw her again and make himself calm down.

However, the calmer he was, the more lively Cindy's smile became.

"What's so good about me? Will you marry me, Marcus? "

The man lowered his eyes and the eyelashes covered his emotion, He did not reply.

Hearing no answer, Cindy sneered and laughed at herself secretly.

The result was obvious, wasn't it?

Although she had prepared well before coming back, his attitude to her was like a needle that was piercing her heart.

"Marcus, do you love her?"

Her red lips were slightly hooked. Her eyebrows and eyes were curved into a crescent moon, but there was coldness in her eyes.


As before, the man still didn't answer her.

But Marcus's silence made Emma more panic and scared.

She was afraid that Cindy would hurt her. Meanwhile, she was also afraid that Marcus didn't love her at all!

Looking at his handsome face, Emma gathered her courage and moved closer to him.

She pulled his collar timidly as she leaned against him.

"Marcus… Please… Don't leave me alone. "

Marcus pulled his sleeve out of Emma's hand naturally, and the sadness in his eyes was well hidden.

He raised his cold eyes and looked at the woman with a gun.

"For the last time, put down your gun!"

"You love her, don't you? Huh… Then... "

"Bang -"

"Ah --"

As the gun fired, Emma screamed.

However, the expected pain did not come, followed by a deafening sound.

The more Emma stumbled, the more frightened she became. She dropped to the ground and held her head in her trembling hands.

The crowd sighed and they were all worried about the bride.

It turned out that the spear just now only hit the crystal lamp. The spear was not a real one. It was just a spiritual spear.

But it was quite dangerous. The falling crystal lamp messed up Emma's head.

"Marcus, please… She is crazy. She wants to kill me. Call the police and catch the madwoman! "

When Emma came to her senses, she ran towards Marcus who had been standing there still all the time, crying and shouting.

She grabbed his coat tightly and stared at Cindy with resentment.

Marcus didn't reply. He just patted on her shoulder as a gesture of comfort. Meanwhile, he distanced himself from her.

Emma seemed to notice his impoliteness, so she changed the subject.

"Marcus, I'm just too scared… Just now, I thought I couldn't see you again. Waah... Waah... "

She knew he hated others making decisions for him. And he didn't allow anyone to touch himself casually. This was what he hated most!

She couldn't offend him or ruin her own image in his mind, so she could only h

ide the sadness in her eyes and use more tears to express the grievance she had suffered.

All the guests felt more indignant for Emma, but since Marcus didn't say anything, they didn't dare to do anything.

Suddenly, she heard someone sneering.

"Afraid? Haha Are you afraid? Don't you think it will make people laugh at you if you say that out loud? "

"What... What do you mean? Sister, I know you love Marcus very much. You have mistaken his indulgence towards you as love. But that's not! Sister, wake up! You have made a mistake five years ago. Don't make yourself worse. Anyway, I'm going to be engaged to Marcus, and he'll marry me in the future! "

Emma sobbed, and she was angry with Cindy. But she still tried her best to show her weakness and sensibility.

It was only one step away!

She would soon become his bride and the hostess of the Huo Family!

'Did she see his indulgence as love?'

These words hit Cindy with great force.

She had thought that love was whatever she wanted, he would always offer her.

She thought he was serious since he promised to marry her when he grew up. But that was her wishful thinking.

The only feeling he had for her was the deep hatred!

They have been tens of millions of meters apart a long time ago.

In fact, if there was no other way, she would definitely not come back, or face him again!

Get Marcus back?

The only purpose she came back was to get close to him. As for other things, it didn't matter at all.

Although Emma's words was a little shock for Cindy, she calmed down soon.

She sneered. She looked at Emma with a weird smile.

"Really? Who told you I was the murderer of the case five years ago? Have you checked the record of the police station? On the other hand, if I were her, do you think all the policemen in the Southern City are idle? They would arrest me the moment I entered the Southern City. Why am I here? "

"TSK, TSK My dear sister, now that you mentioned what happened five years ago, I just want to talk about it, and… The explosion! "

Humph, she thought she was the murderer as long as her fingerprint on the knife was left.

And she could marry Marcus?

Hearing that, Emma's face became paler. She dared not grab Marcus now, so she tried her best to pull her own skirt.

Her hand kept shaking.

"I... I don't know what you are talking about? Everyone knew you were the murderer back then! And the explosion has nothing to do with me What do you want? "

Emma was too nervous to look at anyone. At the same time, she was stammering.

"My dear sister. You seem to be very nervous! I just want to tell you that my case has been closed long ago. I have a witness, which can prove that I was not on the scene of crime. The fingerprints on the knife were used by someone when I went to the cake shop to cut the cake. As for who set me up, and who made the explosion, they still remain to be investigated. That's all I want to say. What are you afraid of? "

Cindy said with understatement, but her eyes were staring at Emma aggressively.

Marcus raised his eyebrows. Seeing the anxious look of Emma, his dark eyes burst out a fire, like a sharp sword out of its sheath.

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