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   Chapter 3 See You Again In Agony

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Finally, Marcus' thin lips could be seen moving slightly. He looked around and finally saw the woman who was looking at him with a lot of hope in her eyes.

When Emma raised her head, the enigmatic smile on Marcus' face almost brought tears of joy in her eyes. The smile had a sense of intoxication in it just like the opium and not to forget an authoritative power that could not be violated.

Emma couldn't help swallowing, clenching her fists and secretly exerting herself.

'Tell me! Tell me!

Why doesn't he say anything yet?

Does he still remember that woman?

No, it can't be like that…

That's not true. That woman was dead! She was dead and gone!' Emma's mind was going berserk with conflicting thoughts.

In the past five years, Emma had been hoping that he would smile to her for once even when he had never looked at her sincerely!

Emma had never anticipated that her most cherished would ever come true.

The moment Marcus said he was going to get engaged to her, Emma felt as if all her prayers had been answered.

But faintly, she felt something wrong. The clattering of her mind never ceased. A weird anxiousness still kindled in her mind. As if something deep within was trying to say, 'Emma, this is too good to be true.'

'Is it…

Does he find out anything? Then why would he marry me?'

One moment Emma would shun all her disturbing inner voices and look at Marcus as he stood in front of her as her groom. 'This very moment... This is the only truth. This would mark a new beginning.'

Emma believed that her deep love for Marcus would drive the woman out of his heart forever.

Yet again, the very next moment, as she looked at Marcus' handsome face in the limelight, Emma became nervous.

There were incessant conflicting emotions that filled Emma's mind. She tried to contain her emotions. She couldn't panic at this moment. A few seconds later, this man would be hers!

Sure enough, after a brief pause, he opened his mouth again.

"Yes, I would..."

"You can't marry her!"

All of a sudden, the door of the wedding hall was flung open.

The arrogant female voice cut through, accompanied by a dazzling light, and all the people present in the hall were shocked.

Everyone looked towards the direction of the voice. When they saw her face, their eyes went wide open with disbelief.

There she stood. With an intoxicating look, she dressed in a graceful red evening gown. She exuded an enigmatic vibe that made it difficult for everyone in the hall to look away from her.

Her grace and confidence made her look even more attractive. Her cherry lips curved into the most beautiful arc. Her shining crystal stilettos added poise to her slender frame as she walked step by step towards the man standing in the middle of the stage.

"It's her!"


"It's Cindy Luo! Hadn't she died in the fire five years ago?"

An anonymous voice came from the crowd.


Suddenly, the silence inside the banquet hall broke into a cacophony.

However, compared to the hustle and bustle off the stage, the man on the stage was as calm as usual.

No one had noticed that there was even a gentle smile on his face.

And much contrary to the calm expression on his face, the bride standing beside him totally lost control.

If eyes could kill, Emma would have killed Cindy thousands of times.

Emma was far from being pacified.

Five years had passed, and everything was going smoothly. If everything went well, Emma would be the happiest bride in the world today.

And the last thing that Emma wanted to see at this critical moment was this female who had made such unsolicited entry at her wedding!

With every step as Cindy was coming closer to the stage, carrying a meaningful smile on her lips, Emma looked more and more frightened.

"What? Weren't you always a sweet talker? You used to call me 'sister' sweetly every time you saw me. What happened to all your sweet gesture? Why have you become dumb now? My… good sister!"

Cindy said in a profound tone as looking straight into Emma's eyes.

She then burst into laughter. As the clear and sarcastic laughter resonated in the entire banquet hall, burning determination replaced the fear in Emma's chest.

'Huh, she has been abandoned five years ago. Now she comes back from the hell, but so what?


When Emma looked up at Marcus, she found that the nonchalant expression on his face didn't change because of the appearance of Cindy. So she became more confident.

"My sister, I'm so happy to see you. I thought I could never see you again. It seems like you forget something, the undeniable fact that you killed Marcus' fiancee five years ago. Are you going to ruin his another wedding today? Let me tell you. Marcus doesn't love you. He's going to marry me!" Emma cried out from the stage.

Emma knew that the unfortunate incident that happened five years back was something that Marcus hated the most.

Hence, she worded her reply to Cindy in a way that would rake the painful memory of the past in Marcus's mind and leave Cindy no chance to reconcile.

Maybe Marcus would take the initiative to send Cindy to prison as he did five years ago!

The more Emma spoke, the more excited she was.

As expected, when she brought up the unpleasant memories, many guests present couldn't help but feel sympathetic about it.

"The girl has changed a lot. She is indeed much more beautiful than before. But she could not hide her vicious heart. And now she is here to ruin her sister's wedding! What a ridiculous woman!"

"Yes. I feel very frightened when I think of the tragedy that this heartless woman had caused years ago..."

As people spoke more about it, the incident that took place five years back, came to live in their minds like it just happened the day before.

As the people looked at Cindy, they could see a murderer.

Even though she looked so beautiful tonight, the way they looked at her was full of contempt.

Of course, Cindy could hear their remarks loud and clear.

Even without looking at them, Cindy could still feel their piercing gazes floating in the air.

Taking a deep breath, she finally raised her head and looked into Marcus' black eyes.

They hadn't seen each other for five years. The moment Cindy saw him again, she felt dizzy.

She could barely hold back.

As the tik-tok sound of her crystal shoes stopped, her beautiful eyes still stared at Marcus. At the same time, she raised her slender hand. The emerald ring on her ring finger was shining brightly.

"Marcus, you can't marry her. Don't you forget that the ancestral ring of the Huo Family is still on my finger?" Cindy remarked.

After a pause, Cindy continued, "According to the Huo Family's rule, only the daughter-in-law deserves this ring. Marcus, are you going to disobey your ancestor's will?"

After saying that, the smile on her delicate face became brighter.

Undoubtedly, such a remark caused a stir once again.

"Cindy Luo..."

It had been five years since they met last time. The moment she came in front of Marcus, the anger in his heart surged again.

Five long years and some hundreds of days and nights in between.

Would she never show up if he didn't force her in this way?

Did she hate him so much?

Marcus frowned.

Hearing him call her by her full name, Cindy was flabbergasted for a while.

Then she pulled herself back to her senses.

Yes, she stopped being his beloved the moment Marcus kicked her out of his house five years ago.

Cindy remembered every word that Marcus uttered when he had sent her to the police car. That was the time he even spoke to her for the last time. And the words reverberated like the infallible verdict of fate that changed Cindy's life forever.

He said, "Honey, you have to go with them, okay? Everyone should be responsible for their own deeds, and even you are no exception!"

Marcus' words, and his resolute expression had broken her into bits from within.

He didn't believe her. He hated her!

He wished for her to die!

Memories flooded into Cindy's mind.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her heart.

When Cindy came to her senses, the emerald ring had been ripped off by him.

"Humph! Family rules? It's all meaningless to me!" Marcus remarked

Cindy fixed her gaze on Marcus and his cold eyes seemed to drag her into the abyss.

Looking at the ring in his hand, Cindy couldn't help but feel sad.

After a moment of being perplexed, her cold face was suddenly overflowing with a smile again.

"Really? Then… How about this?"

Cindy turned around in a jiffy and aimed a gun at Emma's forehead.

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